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can someone explain the acronyms that i am seeing at different breeder websites.

CFA (cat fanciers association)

what is the difference between these three in a practical sense?

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They are different organizations that you can register your cat in (like the AKC for dogs). Each maintains pedigrees. TICA (The Internation Cat Association) deals a lot with established and new breeds including hybrids. The CFA deals with long established breeds and Persians are heavily popular. Cats like bengals and savannahs are not allowed in the CFA as their goals in the cat fancy are different than TICA's. Each puts on their own shows and provides their own titles. There are a lot of smaller orginaizations and I'm guessing the CFF might be one as is the ACFA and the UFO. If you have a registered purebreed it can be registered with one or multiple of these orginatizations. I would always look that one of the major ones (CFA or TICA) is used for the pedigree though.
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CFA - Cat Fanciers Association
TICA - The International Cat Association
ACFA - American Cat Fanciers Association
CFF - Cat Fanciers Federation

CFA is the oldest and best known association. Most people register with CFA and one or more of the other associations. Not every association accepts every kind of breed but the standards for each breed are very close in description so you are able to put your cat in a show in any of them and it should be able to compete.

Many people show in several associations and win titles in each. You can't transfer titles from one to the other but if your cat is good enough they can win multiple titles. For example, my 14 yr old cornish rex is a Grand Premier in CFA, a Quad Grand Champion in ACFA and the one TICA show he was in, he qualified as a Grand but I never registered him at the time. He is also a multi time national and regional winner in ACFA (one year was 10th best alter nationally!)

BTW, ACFA is NOT a smaller association - its the 3rd largest in the US (TICA is a spin off from ACFA)
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I'm very familiar wtih the ACFA but havent' seen any shows around here yet.
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Don't forget about another GREAT association:

AACE: American Assoication of Cat Enthusiasts

Everyone I have meet at these shows has been extremely helpful and informative.
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You can go to ACFA's website and click on the show calendar. I don't think there are any ACFA shows IN North Carolina, but should be ones in Florida or Virginia. Also Kentucky and Tennessee hold them.
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