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disturbing sleep

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I have a seven month old male cat. I let him sleep in my room since the day I brought him home. Every time I make the slightest movement during the night, he will get up too. He will walk all around my head and sit over me and meow. Does this happen to anyone else? If so, how can I get a good night sleep without locking him out of my room?
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HeHe...he loves his mom!! I suppose the only answer to that is to get used to it so it doesnt bother you, or listen to him scream at you for the next 3 months because you locked him out. I have woken up with a cat wrapped around my neck several times
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Does he have access to food, water and his litter box? I'm thinking maybe he wants you to feed him or something?
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Don't feel bad, every since the day we brought home Oliver, he suckles on my right earlobe and only mine and that one earlobe only :-) Oliver is now 2 1/2 years old and shows no sign of ever stopping. At night, he pulls out my earplug (hubby snores)to suckle. It interfers with his suckling. I have just given up and learned to like it. I was losing too much sleep trying to break him of it. I hope you have better luck.
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Dear Snoopy,
My Opie does the very same thing! If I get up, he gets up...no matter where I go...Opie will travel. Sure enough...that's just that way it is, but I love it and I love him! ENJOY!!!!!!
God Blessed You! Enjoy your Blessings.
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