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grooming Persians

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My persian is 9yrs old and has heart failure. I dont really want to take him to the groomer anymore. He hates going and I dont want to stress him out. His hair is thinner and more dry and grows slower then it used to. I want to groom him myself but I would like some advice on the shampoos/conditions I should use on him. The two areas I have a hard time keeping matts out are behind his back legs and on his stomach. If the matts dont come out easy he will bite me. So is there a really good condition that will help untangle his matts?
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Let's move to Care and Grooming where our experts on this subject will be sure to see it!
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This might seems funny but since he's not a show kitty, would you be willing to trim the tummy and leg hair shorter? That why it won't tangle as much or mat.

I would first check with the vet to find out why his hair is so dry before you put any shampoo/conditioner on it. A 9 yr old cat is not old and shouldn't have a dry coat naturally. Rule out any underlaying medical problems (other then the heart) to find the cause of the dry coat.
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I'm a Persian Breeder/Shower/Groomer/Handler/Judge and just a word of advice DON'T try and bath him until his coat is free of mats and knots.

Some good grooming tools would be a stripping comb and a wide toothed comb.
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