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I dont know if it will let me link a slide show .. but i am going to try .. this is their progression so far .. http://photobucket.com/albums/f271/q...rue&interval=3

My hubby says no matter how much baby food i feed them i can't make them into babies .. but MY BABIES ARE GROWING UP WAHHHHHHHH *lol*
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I can't believe how big they are getting!

The back leg kicking you speak of - is it like rabbit kicks? - if so, that is how cats disembowel their prey. Magi is obviously teaching them very well!
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oooo they're adorable!!! reminds me of my own kittens <sob> we had 4 males followed by a female with the loudest wail!

You seem to be doing really well, well done! And enjoy every second, they grow up so quick <wipes tear from eye>
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Well i definately dont want them to disembowel each other *lol* .. but every time i have seen kittens play they have done the little "jackrabbit kicks"

Magi plays with them now .. she seems very happy..

I brought them down stairs because they are all up and romping and my hubby is trying to sleep .. #1 is once again on my lap giving me kisses while his mother is nursing everyone else.

However i am frustrated over one item .. i had gotten kitten food from a petco an hour from here .. and i can not find any more in the area other then dry .. It is agrivating to say the least.. and i know that baby food is well enough balanced for growing kittens.. My hubby told me to just put milk over the dry.. what would work best in this situation til i can call other places farther around us for kitten food. ( i thought of the vets office and went and looked and it was near $2 for a single can of kitten food)
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The best thing to do is pour hot water over the dry and let it cool, stirring it occassionally. What you'll end up with is a nice 'mush' that the kittens will eat.
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Most of the kittens have actually started crunching the dry kitten food along their mama.. crazy things .. i have been continuing with one can cat food with an added egg and water to make it runnier or 2 meat baby foods .. alternating days and adding one drop of liquid vitamin every other day as well.. i am thinking of going to stop feeding the baby food when i run out.. but the egg i am going to keep because the kittens are not fat.

Magi has been going through the kitten food like CRAZY and she is not fat .. although she is back to her normal weight .. she was a little thinner then normal after giving birth. If i do not hold her back she will push kittens out of the way to get to the baby food ( another reason i am going to stop feeding it )

The kittens are not very interested in drinking water yet which worries me since they are eating dry kitten food..

They are not interested in the literbox .. other then to try and eat the litter.. *RME* .. they only have their small litter box down when i am in the room .. and have been less and less interested in trying to eat the litter .. *lol* i think they are tired of me prying their mouthes and wiping out all the litter peices

ONe thing though thats driivng me NUTS .. they are starting to want to climb .. except the one thing they want to climb the most seems to be my legs .. and pouncing and playing with my feet and chewing on my toes .. * sighs* I scruff one and 2 more start .. not enough hands for 5 little climbers *lol*

The first born has started sitting at my feet and meowing to get up .. which distresses Magi.. she gets upset when the kittens start meowing for any reason. He is a sweety though and loves to be held and cuddled. They are starting to show a little personalities now .. its so cute!
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Ahhh, the wonders of kittens!

I'd agree with stopping feeding the baby food - it is very easy for both cats and kittens to quickly become addicted and refuse to eat anything else.

Don't worry too much about them not drinking much. They will still be nursing from Magi and get their fluids that way. If you're worried, gently scruff the skin on the back of their neck and let go. If they're dehydrated, the skin will stay tented or take a few seconds to go down. You can always use a syringe to gently feed them a couple of mls of boiled, cooled water a couple of times a day, if they are dehydrated.

It might be time to leave the litter box down all the time now, instead of just putting it down when you are in the room. If you're using a plain, non-clumping litter or a wheat/paper based litter, it won't harm them if they try to eat it.

Unfortunately, it's natural for them to want to climb. My solution is to always sit down cross-legged when they are out, so they have no opportunity to climb my legs or chew on my toes.
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They are not dehydrated .. i have been doing that test not only on the kittens but Magi as well .. just to make sure .. although she is very good about drinking PLENTY of water .. i put her a water bowl in the sink and when i go in there i dump it and fill it again with fresh water.. plus the kittens can't get into that bowl since pretty deep, but they have their shallow one.

I am in the room quite often .. so the litter box has been down most of the day .. i will just leave it down then * nods*

The only problem with sitting cross legged is that i have my work computer in our room .. so i have to go in there to do work .. when Magi comes over Meowing and wanting attention and to be held .. her goslings follow closely on her tail .. then i get all 5 of them playing under my chair and on my feet and chewing and jumping and climbing my legs .. hopefully they will soon learn the word NO ... *lol* although i don't want them to because then they will be too soon grown and out to new homes I wish they would stay the size they were a week ago for ever .. expecially since they were not little mexican jumping beans with claws *lol*

Magi was a sweet heart when she was a kitten always well behaved the only thing she did was bite my fingers from time to time .. never attack my legs and feet.. no wonder she wants held up and away from her kittens *lol* i have even seen her lay on our bed to watch over them as they play .. so she doesnt get pounced *LOL* They do not have climbing covers down quite yet or i would end up with kittens curled under my covers in the middle of the night.
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You haven't mastered the 'Computing with your legs up in the air' pose yet??? Shame on you!
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BTW i do use plain unclump litter .. i worked with a vet who used to say that anything more then newspaper or cheap store brand or bulk plain un clump clay litter was a waste of money .. and using fancy brands with scents to cover up the cats smells did nothing but cause problems for cats .. and that the only real way to keep a litter pan smelling good was to clean the darn thing.

They used shredded newspaper or office documents for cats who had surgery.

The only thing i do is put some baking soda in the bottom of the pan .. but i havent for the kittens .. and i took a little dirty litter and sprinkled it around in their shorter sided box .. so they would get the smell that their mom had been using the litter.. the normal litter box we have is to hard for them to get in and out of yet .. its a steep jump .. one of those closed in boxes but i took the top off and put it in the main area so they could see.
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*lol* Not yet .. the buggers jump up and catch my pants and then climb around .. i didn't think they could jump that high til the first time they did it and got skin with their claws .. Yah should have seen me scambling to grab that kitten ...PHEW.. he got me right in the back part of my knee .. it definately smarted .. and then i had to untangle his claws from my pants ..We had a little stern talk about jumping before i put him down...

and that was the first born.. he now sits there and meows at me first all fore lorn .. but if i take to long to suit him .. then he tries to play spiderman on my legs to get up. *l*
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