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What do you wear to work?

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I was having a reminisce today about some of the things I've had to wear to work.

The worst by far was when I worked at a bar/restaurant called Horsefeathers, and we had to wear Australiana outfits - you know, the whole Steve Irwin thing (but long trousers) with boots and an Akubra hat. Looked so silly - NOBODY dresses like that in Australia - unless they are Steve Irwin, of course!

In another job I had at a hotel, we used to have to wear button up waistcoats and bow ties. The uniform was actually quite nice, but in the cocktail bar where I worked we were quite low down and you couldn't see whether we had a skirt or pants on. I used to have super-short hair, and one time Chrissie Amphlett from the Divinyls came in at 10.00am (for a vodka!) and said to one of her band-mates, `Oh, this little guy will serve you - isn't he a cutie?'

Do you have to wear a uniform? What's it like??
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I'm a nurse and had to wear the all-white uniform after I graduated. Most of the hospitals have since gone to scrubs, but I got out of hospital work early on! For most of the jobs I've had since then, I had to wear business or business-casual clothes.

I LOVE the job I have now, I can wear anything (within the confines of good taste) to work. I have worn jeans and sweats almost every night. In the past, the night shift has had "pajama parties" where the nurses all came in wearing PJ's! How cool is that?
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That IS cool! My boss is pretty casual, I have a few tattoos that I try to keep covered but they're small and tasteful and so he doesn't mind if they show. I usually wear just 3/4 length pants and a nice t-shirt. I tend to accessorise quite a bit though, which dresses things up.
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At my full time job I just wear something smart, black trousers etc but I also do promotional work and one of the jobs Ive done was a german beer festival where I had to dress up as a 'german girl' pigtails, the lot. Very strange outfits we had to wear, off the shoulder puffy blouses and wierd skirts! I had to pretend my name was Regina! oh the things we do for money...
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I'm a Pediatric Nurse and wear scrubs. All but 2 have kitties all over them, and all have patterns that appeal and feel nonthreatening to children. One of the great things about this job is being able to wear such a comfy uniform! Another advantage is that the upkeep is simple, and I always know what I'll be wearing to work without having to coordinate an outfit.
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We are allowed to wear just about anyhting here. i try to keep in buisnessy though. usually i wear a skirt or a slacks. The last few weeks though it has been nice jeans and a nice sweater. i have just been lazy!
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Working in a call center, the dress code is casual. Depending upon my mood, I wear anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a nice suit, with heels.

In my Tombstone days, I wore saloon girl outfits or dressed as a madam. In the summer, I played the shows wearing bloomers and a camisole.
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One job I just wear jeans or whatever, I have been known to come in to work in my PJs (but its a family business and I can do what I like) the other job is smart, black trousers, shirt etc
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21
I have been known to come in to work in my PJs (but its a family business and I can do what I like) the other job is smart, black trousers, shirt etc
EVERY morning I just wish I could keep my pj's and slippers on, oooooh just thinking about it makes me sad. I would work so much harder if I could wear them
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Where I work in an accounting firm I am allowed to wear business to business casual. Usually I am wearing a nice skirt or pants with a nice sweater or blouse and heels(in various heights depending on my mood). Of course the "hooker heels" stay at home for nights when Ken and I go out for dinner
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Ive only ever worked in a restaurant (twice at the same restaurant) and had to wear black shoes, black pants or skirt and white t shirt, sometimes i wore a black shirt though
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I am a University professor so I wear whatever Iwant.... I mean I make an attempt to look nice but I have to say some of my coworkers look like they just rolled out of bed.....

I think as long as we don't look like our students we are good to go.
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one time Chrissie Amphlett from the Divinyls came in at 10.00am (for a vodka!) and said to one of her band-mates, `Oh, this little guy will serve you - isn't he a cutie?'
Oh that's funny! Don't worry, sounds like she had a few!

I've had to wear black skirt/white top for waitressing. Other than that it's been pretty casual. Right now I have to wear something I don't mind getting all doggied over.
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Business casual...so khakis/black pants and a sweater in the winter- sometimes I wear jeans with a nice sweater or something like that too. In the summer - capris, skirts Just something that looks nice and put together - since I deal with the public all day long. Plus, sometimes its fun to dress up in nice outfits!
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My two jobs are pretty relaxed as far as dress code.

Obviously when I'm teaching group exercise classes I have to wear workout clothes. They might frown upon me showing up in a skirt and heels.

At the visitation center the dress code are shirts that cover the stomach and bottoms that are not too short. Other than that there's nothing mandatory.

Pretty much every job I've ever had has been very relaxed about dress code. My first job was at a place called Bikini Co off of A1A in Ormond Beach, that was great because I showed up in whatever the heck I wanted and flip-flops...always flip-flops!
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My PJs! My dad is self employed, so I work for him, doing books, fixing the computer when he "breaks" it, etc. It rocks, but sometime soon I am going to have to get a real job.
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Boring Uniform.........
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Most of my current jobs require black pants and a polo type shirt
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Typical truck driver attire, jeans, T-shirt, suspenders. Uniforms are available, but not manditory, and I prefer to do my own laundry.
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At my old job I used to wear the conventional pilot uniform..white shirt, tie etc. At my current job we are considered "bush" pilots so I get to wear whatever I feel like blue jeans, and a t-shirt.
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I don't work, so I usually wear casual.
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I work in an office that is extremely casual, some ladies wear sweatsuits! I don't go quite that far, I usually wear jeans and some kind of shirt (I'd hope so!!) t-shirt, sweater whatever is clean- my other job is in a restaurant and i wear black pants and the company supplied blue polo shirt
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We don't have a uniform where I work. It's good in some ways but not in others. I've ruined so many clothes in that place. I like to look nice for work but when we have to do the cleaning, there's always a risk of spilling stuff and ruining your clothes, which has happened to me a lot.
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i wear business casual to businessy. Mostly dress pants and a nice sweater or button down top, and always heels. In the summer I can get away with dressy sandals occasionally. We have casual friday so tomorrow i can wear jeans, a normal dress shirt, and heels.

The worst dress code ever was taco bell. I don't look right in hats at all
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Business casual here, I work in special educ. at an elementary school. Friday is jeans day, but no ripped or torn jeans. I carry a tote bag that says, "I Cats" and the kids always ask me, "do you have a cat?"
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I wear scrubs!
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I work in an office on a 500 acre farm, so it's very casual, I think the only restriction that I know of is your shirts have to cover your belly. I think we could even wear shorts if they were tastefull.

We usually all wear jeans.
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Pajamas here! Or, when I feel like being dressed up, I'll put on boxers and a tank top

Seriously tho, I work from home... so usually it's whatever I fell asleep in the night before... hows that for lazy? Sometimes it makes me chuckle that owners of banks and mortgage companies call me for advice and here I am with a bad case of bedhead working on my first cup of coffee in Hello Kitty slippers, popeye boxers and a paint covered tshirt. If they only knew!

On the odd chance I have to go into the office or show up for a meeting, it's my version of business casual which basically means "business enough that my boss is happy without being *so business* that I'm nauseous and enough to cover my seriously large tattoos"

As for bad uniforms.... back in the day I was the eletronics supervisor at Office Max and the uniform at the time was black dress pants, a white dress shirt, a clip-on bow tie and a red apron. Ugh! But, since I'm the type that can't follow the rules worth a darn, I finally convinced my boss to let me wear a real mens tie instead of the bow tie. She finally agreed, so I wore this blue tie that Absolut Vodka came out with as a gag gift for fathers day... If you werent paying attention it just looked like a blue tie with white dots... if you looked close you realized the white dots were actually absolute bottles made to look like sperm. Yeah! Stickin' it to da man!
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Sweats or pajamas- I work at home!
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I work in the cheese shop at a groccery store & it's 50 degrees! I choose between a uniformed sweater, a uniformed long sleeve light cream coloured or a uniformed black long-sleeved polo depending upon my mood for the day. Uneather I wear ATLEAST 3 long sleeved shirts, a tight red or orange one and then two baggy ones that I borrow/steal from my boyfriend. My pants are either checkered chef pants, black pants or a pair of nice looking black pants that are actually jeans (dont tell ). As for shoes, it's black leather kitchen shoes so I dont slip. And of course, who can forget my lovely baseball cap, hairnet & name badge!

My last job was as a cook, so I wore a basic chef's uniform, chef's coat, checkered chef pants, shoes & a white skull cap.
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