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help, we lost Our Angel, she was gone in a minute.....

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Just two years after losing my beloved ten year old cat to kidney disease, I have lost another cat far too young. This cat was my sister's, one of a sibling pair that she had since they were five weeks old from the SPCA. Her name was Ling. Her brother Mischkin was very sick with rhinovirus [sp.] when he was tiny but Miss Ling, she was always healthy. She was an absolutely beautiful, elegant little seven year old, balck and white domestic shorthair, beautiful coat and teeth and about 5-6 pounds. I cannot believe any of this is happening, it just seems so surreal. Without ANY recognizable symptoms, our little angel just died this morning. I wasn't there but she was happy, purring, being fed a treat, then she just lay on the floor, stuck her tongue out and was dead within a minute. There was no respiratory distress, no choking, no hindquarter paralysis, no lethargy, nothing. Can anyone help us to understand how we were robbed of this perfect sweeet little girl? Our hearts are just aching, only seven. My sister brought her to the vets right awa- the vet thought she looked like the 'perfect cat' no visible problems. he seemed to think it was a heart problem, possibly genetic. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Just to die in one minute... I can't understand it. her appetite was good as always and she was affectionate, spritely, her usual lovable self. She did get annyoed by her much bigger brother [ trying to mate etc..] from time to time but no injury or distress seemed to be evident. I feel so lost, to lose her so young, any words of explanation or attempts at, would be GREATLY appreciated. Please let me know if I have left out any details. We are sick with missing her. No matter how I go over it in my head I cannot isolate even a shred of abnormal behaviour. Thank- you everyone, for reading this.
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Without a necropsy being performed, there can only be speculation as to what took your Ling's life. It just happens sometimes, there is no discernable reason. Just one day, you wake up to find they are gone.

I am sorry for your loss, and I moved your thread for you-
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thank you for moving the post,

My sister was in great distress and declined a necropsy due to the fact that the vet said that it might take up to three months and may not determine anything at all. He seemed fairly convinced it was a heart related issue as there was no evidence of toxicity related trauma. He said due to her appearance it was an very likely heart related. Might have used to word hypertrophic? Has anyone else lost their cats so young?
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I have lost 3 day old kittens, 4 month old kittens, 2 year old cats. The sad fact is they do not live as long as we would like them to. If it was heart related, it would happen suddenly. You might talk to a Siamese breeder and ask them if the breed is susceptible to heart problems? But you got her from a shelter, so she was more than likely a cross-breed and it could be genetic from the cross.

You will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what happened. was put together to help those who are grieving. That is what you are doing, you are grieving, and you want answers, when there are none to give.
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I am so sorry for your loss of Ling. There is no way to know now what happened to your cat. Your vet might have done more to encourage the necropsy to provide you with some answers to why your cat died. Sometimes I think maybe the vets just don't understand what we are going through when we want answers. When my Max died, my vet never mentioned anything further. We had a diagnosis of renal failure, with symptoms of chronic and acute both, but no answers as to what really caused his kidneys to fail. He got sick on Thursday and was gone on Monday.
It hurts terribly when we lose them suddenly with no explanation. But is does happen. We have to move on and it is hard to do that. Prayers for you.
Rest in peace Ling. You are loved and missed.
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I'm so very sorry but please don't torture yourself.

RIP Ling and know you were deeply loved
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I am soo sorry you lost Ling. These awful things happen sometimes. All we can do is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all the time we are blessed with their presence, for you never know when their time is going to come. Ling knew very much that she was loved and adored by you guys, and her spirit will forever watch over you. Please do not make yourself upset by questioning her death. The questioning will only prolong bringing you closure. Rest assured that she is in good hands at RB. RIP Ling.
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I know you are just devastated over losing Ling so suddenly. My heart breaks for you and your sister, and my tears blend with yours. I know from experience, everyone here will wrap their arms around you to comfort you, and it does help. Ling already has a friend in the cat you lost two years ago, and both will be watching over you and waiting for you. Rest in peace, Ling.
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I am sorry for your loss. I don't know what it could have been, but I have heard of cats with a certain heart conditions that are fine & then just suddenly pass away. Here's a hug for you & your sister,
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Like the others, I've heard this can happen with to cat with hearts conditions. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that because of you Ling experienced love. Thinking of you and her. RIP sweet girl.
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I have no words as to what may have happened. Apparently some quick and catastrophic event. But please accept my sincere condolences for losing your precious friend Ling. You will see her again one day.
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I unfortunatly can not give any help in an explanation either. I wish I could.

please be gentle with yourself at this time, its never easy to lose a loved one no matter how it happens You gave her a wonderful loving home to live in and she will always watch over you. Take time out for yourself and remember the happy times.

fly high little angel - RIP
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thank you, everyone. I will forward these responses to my sister and I'm sure that they will give her comfort as they did to me. We miss her so horribly and this means alot... I will keep checking to see if anyone else other than 'hissy' might have been through something like this. She was so perfect, it just doesn't seem real. I keep thinking that can't believe I won't see her again, she always made me so happy- but I do believe I will. Thank you Ginny, for the thought that her and my Nemo are together, faith like that is so important. Just the idea gives me comfort. Ling's brother looks everywhere for her... Thank you everyone for your kind words....

so missing my second beautiful girl...
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KittenKiya's Clan offers heartfelt sorry headbuts and sad, sad licks for your loss.
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Does anyone else have the problem where thay cannot even bear to think about the animal they've lost? If I even picture not only our sweet Ling but my angel Nemo that I lost nearly three years ago I just can't even think about her for too long or I just start to crack... Even just passing the room where her urn is depresses me, if I go in there I get chest pains I miss her that much... I suppose that is selfish in a way- I just wondered if anyone else feels the same way when they lose a companion...
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I lost my dear Fred in August. He was my companion, and friend for nearly 18 years. I was very blessed to have had him that long. It is not selfish to wish you had your kitty back. No one wants to lose a beloved comanion. I still cry every day over the loss of my Fred, and yes, I get tight in the chest just hinking about him. I would love to have a new signature with different pics of my kitties, and my latest addition, but I just can't bring myself to take down the one with Fred on it. What you are feeling is normal after a loss of a loved one, feline, canine, human. It will get easier.
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So sorry for your loss, I can't imagine the pain and disbelief you are going through right now.
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I am sorry about your loss. It is such a hard thing to deal with.

RIP Ling
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I am so sorry for your loss, I know how devasted you are.
We lost our kitty Lucy in 2000 very fast like that. No signs of illness or anything she was happy and purring and rubbing up against my sisters leg wanting food , 15 minutes later she went into convulsions and died It didn't have anything to do with food because my sis didn't feed her, she was getting ready for work.

We never did find out what happened because we could not afford a necropsy.

RIP Ling
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I am so sorry about Ling and Nemo! Grief can keep you in its grips for a very long time and each person responds differently to it. I hope your family can find a way through this terrible time.

We lost our Max at age 8 in the same way - running and playing one minute and gone the next. Our vet assumed heart failure and we didn't follow up from that. After being gone for nearly 8 years now, we still look for him around the house.

They take up so much of our lives and our souls with so short a time with us. But they will always be a part of you. *hugs*
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Originally Posted by MissingLing...
Does anyone else have the problem where thay cannot even bear to think about the animal they've lost? If I even picture not only our sweet Ling but my angel Nemo that I lost nearly three years ago I just can't even think about her for too long or I just start to crack... Even just passing the room where her urn is depresses me, if I go in there I get chest pains I miss her that much... I suppose that is selfish in a way- I just wondered if anyone else feels the same way when they lose a companion...
Everyone grieves in differnt ways & for differnt lengths of time. My Smokey died of CRF over 2 years ago & I still can't put her ashes in the urn I had specially made for her. To me there is something so final about putting her in that urn I just can't face it. So 2 years later she is still in the little white box I got from the vet. Just thinking about putting her in the urn make me want to cry. It's not selfish your just still grieving. If you haven't yet, I would read a book about pet loss or visit the Pet Loss site, I'm not sure of the site off the top of my head, but I could find it if you like.
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Oh, how awful for you! I am so sorry! I send hugs and prayers.
This is devastating!
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Thank you,
Thanks everyone for your comments. How odd and sad that others have experienced this. You feel so helpless, it really doesn't seem real. It is so difficult, I miss her so much. It's as if things aren't right, somehting bright and amazing is missing...
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I have had several kitty losses in the past few years. We did have a necropsy done on one kitten, since he was the third in a litter of 5 to die. The necropsy showed nothing. Sometimes they don't. So while it is certainly ok to do one if you wish, it doesn't always answer the question.

I am sorry for your loss of Ling. I recently read a book about grief and loss called Tear Soup. It is very well written, about how when we have a deep loss, we start to brew a big pot of tear soup. It includes our happy memories, and lots of tears. Also the sad memories of the loved one, or the times when things were not so good. Some people just brew a quick pot and move on, but for others they may keep that pot simmering for a long time.

Take your time making the tear soup for Ling, and Nemo. Of course the loss of Ling brings back your loss of Nemo. Everyone's posts here are a part of the soup. One day when you don't even realize it, you will be done. Not that the loss will be gone, but you will no longer feel you are making tear soup. Her memories will bring you a smile instead of a tear. You will go into the room where her urn is placed, and while you will be sad in missing her, it won't be as strong as it is today.

Best of luck to you and her brother as you go through this difficult time. I'll share a bowl of your tear soup today, in remembrance of Mattie, Logan, Odie, Zero, Hershey Kiss, and BB. I still miss each dear one, but am past the worst of the grief process. I do find great comfort here at the Rainbow Bridge, and I am glad you are finding comfort here, too.
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