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What makes a food all lifestages?

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I bought a bag of Felidae dry food today. My mom never remembers that Lily needs kitten food & Twitch adult or she mixes up the two. They are also getting bored with their dry food, & I only have the one kind for each. It has been a big hit. What makes a food all lifestages? How is it different from Nutro Kitten or Innova adult? Is Lily still getting what she needs as a growing kitten? How do they get everything in the same food for so many ages?

I have no idea how this works. I didn't even know Felidae was for cats & kittens or I proabaly would have bought it sooner.
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Okay most all lifestages are just adult formulas... they meet AFFCO s % of macro and micro nutrients... many adult formulas will say in fine print suitable for all life stages ... I Personally am not fond of them cause kittens may need more hence kitten food and seniors have different needs than a typical adult .. Felidea if I read right is okayed for cats and kittens and they have platnuim for the older cats... but for some all life stage is the only way to feed due to multiple cats..
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the adoption agency suggested "Science Diet" dry kitten food for our 4 month old siamese "baby"...........
so thats what we have been using...............

Robb, Steph, & Bosco..........
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Don't quote me, but this is how I understand all life stages food.

The food is acceptable for all life stages because it has high quality ingredients that can benefit a growing animal, an adult, or a senior. There's enough ingredients in it that it is suitable for all life stages.

Granted, buying an age specific food you'll get more vitamins etc for that age group. A kitten food shouldn't be fed to adult cats, because they don't need the extra vitamins, and the nutritional needs between life stages are different.

However, on an all stages food, there's enough ingredients in it to promote healthy growth of your kitten, even though it isn't made JUST for kittens.

I hope explained that alright... it's kind of weird lol.

I have my dogs on Canidae, they both love it and seem to be doing well on it. [The food allergy itching and scratching went away too.] One of my dogs is 5 months old, the other is 9 years old. To give you an idea on age difference.
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Lily will still be getting Nutro Indoor Kitten food & Twitch will still get the Innova adult, but this way, when someone is unsure of what to feed, then they can give the food for both. My dad fed the kitties for the first time this morning. He knew that he could give them the Felidae & that is was the right food for both. He never fed them before because all of the food in tubs, bags, cans, & pouches confused him. I'll admit, sometime all of the food confuses me!

I guess I shouldn't complain about how hard it is to feed two cats. There are many people out there with more cats than I have...
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It means the proportions of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals are within the appropriate limits for cats of all ages as well as those who are pregnant or lactating. There is considerable overlap in the accepted levels so many foods have intermediate levels of nutrients that make them suitable for all cats.
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Life's Abundance is for all life's stages. This is what I feed my Loki.

Here is the link if you want to take a look.

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I got felidae for my cats and they turned their noses up at it. The only dry they like is the innova evo (suitable for cats and kittens). It cost me $40 for 15 lbs. These cats eat better than I do.
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