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Cookie? Not sure what to do?

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We took in a kitten that is approximately 5 months old. The person we got her from told us that she was friendly, didn't like to be held much, and very very playful. He told us that he has had her as an inside only cat with 2 other cats since she was about 7 weeks old.

We have a house full of animals and kids...LOL

So far she has been very aggressive. I don't know if it is from the move or if this is just how she is.

On different occasions today we have been able to pet her but most of the time she has been hissing and or growling at us and the other cats we have. And when we were able to pet her she would all of a sudden just swat us for no apparent reason.

She seems like she has either been mistreated or is partially wild. I am at a loss as for what to do.

Any suggestions???
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well going from being with 2 other cats and a guy to a whole new home full of cats and animals, this is not at all uncommon for her to act this way. Keep her quiet in a darkened room like the bathroom or spare bedroom, maybe play some soft music, but let her smell the other animals under the door, put something of the other animals in the room with the cat. She could pee on it though if she isn't spayed, to mark her scent so be warned. feed her on one side of the door and if possible the other animals on the other side of the door. but keep her quiet and alone with one on one visits or calm quiet visits from humans for a few days. if you can stack up baby gates in a door way that would be even better bc she can see you and see the other animals and smeel up close, but she can retreat back in a dark corner if she gets scared.

be patient.
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not completely alone, you want her to get to know you too, visit her often but dont just plop her down in front of the other animals and expect her to react the same way. keep your kids, if they are young or whoever lives with you, quiet around her for a few days. but let them see her, really baby gates are the best and keep the lights dim in the room she is in.
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I would say this is normal behavior. Shes scared to death. Of course she growls and hisses. She needs to be slowly introduced to your other pets. Keep her in a room by herself for awhile with her own litter box and food. It takes time for a new cat to be able to get along with the resident cats.
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We have done as many of those things as we can already trying to help her become accustomed to our home. We have aclimated several cats over the years into our home with the other cats, children, and pets.

She is different than any other cat we have ever had though. The other cats that we have brought in have of course stayed away from the other cats and kids but done fine with my husband and I.

My husband is scared to keep her. He doesn't feel that she will calm down and fit in with the other cats.

The other animals we have don't count as much because they are all in tanks. But we do worry about the kids especially our youngest that is only 2. She has swated both my husband and I so far from walking by her.

We will continue to give her space and see what happens.
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I think you need to give her more time. Every cat is different and she may need more time to adjust to your menagerie. Keep her isolated with her own litter, food and water, visit her often and talk gently to her and don't push her to accept you, wait for her to come to you.
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