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Im not a destined plumber

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Our sink has been leaking for like ever, and so today(scince the man of the house "doesnt do that") I took matters into my own hands. LOL!!

Not such a good idea, 4 nuts and 2 O-rings later, I was re-gretting that i had made that decision. But whatever, it was fun.

I was actually laughing for a while, untill water was all over my newly scrubbed kitchen floor. lol!

The kitties were like looking at me like "what did you do now?" LOL!

Guess I will be calling the plumber.
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could end up being cheaper!
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I LOVE your avatar! That is so awesome! LOL! I was like, dang it's a red X and then I noticed the kitten taking it down. THAT was halarious
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You're a braver lass than I. My #1 rule of home repairs: I don't mess with anything that could electrocute me or drown me.
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Hey , who knows...with a little "direction" from someone with some "know-how" you might just be endeavoring on a brand new career! (Plummers make some pretty big $$$ as you`ll soon find out!)
I have a friend who`s Dad was a "jack of all trades"...and she assumed all males came with those same abilities, until she married a cop who did`nt have a clue about anything like that.
She kept wanting the little 1/2 bath off the utility room to be "re-done" but could`nt get him to co operate...so the story is told, that one day when he came home for lunch he found the toilet in the middle of the kitchen, and his his wife laying under the bathroom sink with pipe wrenches in her hands and the phone tucked up under her ear...taking instructions, long distance, from her dad! (She did a dang good job on that bathroom too, if i might say so myself!)
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ACK!! Plumbing is the bane of my exsistance. I have watched home repair hints and they never apply to my problem or our plumbing is different in some way.

Right now we have to replace our kitchen (leaking fridge) and bathroom floors (leaking toilet).
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Originally Posted by lilleah878
Guess I will be calling the plumber.

probably a good idea - but like you, I would of given repairing it myself a go first as well!
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There are some DYI plumbing books available for basic stuff. Even I can remove a toilet and replace it with ease!!! But one of the nephews is a licensed plumber for those harder to do jobs!!
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