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Last Friday I wrote about sudden agression among former friends--one common thread of advice was to take the attackee to the vet. We had the vet appt. last night, and the attackee is totally fine--the vet ran a white count and a blood profile, did temperature, weight, exam etc. So Blue (the attackee) has been cleared of a medical reason for being chased. that is both good news and bad news--because it's good he's not sick of course, but behavioral may be a bit more difficult to resolve. The vet also offered clarification of the reintroduction process--who goes where, when etc. We are space switching, and going through reintroduction. It is taking all my energy and free time--because I'm so nervous that each new grouping will suddenly break out in a brawl. Each change is stressing all the kitties--but it's the recommendation from all my sources. At times I just want to swing open all the doors and say "please just get along!"--but then I realize it could just set everything back.

So, I will keep trying this slow reintroduction process with the 7 kids---

Has anyone every done this before? Any stories, anecdotes, & happy endings (please!) would be appreciated!