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DT for Friday

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Finally it's here, TGIF!! There's nothing exciting happening where I am, but it's a beautiful morning, the sun is shinning, and it's getting warmer. And the most important thing of all, it's time for the weekend and two days of not working! Have a wonderful day.
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Its Friday!! Its Friday!! This week has gone by fast for me. Has it for anyone else? Does anyone have plans for the weekend? I am going to try and go see Panic Room. I've heard its really good. Its been cold here lately with rain and snow off and on. It is suppossed to warm up next week and be in the 60s. Yeah!! Have a good weekend everybody! :rainbow: :flower: :daisy:
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I'd love to see Panic Room. I have to wait for pay per view since I'm stuck at home. Isn't awful that we're willing to pay to be frightened? Well, I never claimed to be normal! PA is having a week of cold weather. The daffodils keep recovering, although last week they looked frozen stiff. When the weather is nice I'll be able to go out on the porch and watch the birds. We feed them all winter and summer because we enjoy watching them, and worry about them being cold and hungry. Such tiny bits of fluff to live through the cold weather! It's miraculous, but then, all of life is miraculous! Besides, my kitties can't wait for the sun to come up so they can sit in their sunbeam and watch the birds come to the feeder. They've never been outside, except to go to the vet. I love Spring!!!!Next week the weather should match the calendar, but right now it's February in April!
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Just wanted to wish everyone here a great weekend!!!!
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I'm so glad it's Friday. I wacked my head hard today on a cage so now I have a big egg on my head.

Now I have this head cold that's making me feel like my head is going to explode. I'm just waiting for dinner to arrive and maybe I'll head to bed early. I hate being sick!!

Sounds like a fight is brewing in the backround(Mitzi and Fallon) so now I have to go break it up. Have a good night everyone!!
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I have to work, all weekend. The good thing, about today, is that there was a noticeable decrease in stupid customers. One woman WAS PO'd because another store sold chocolate Easter eggs for a dime, while my store was charging 12 cents. I, almost, reached in my pocket to give her the two pennies, just to shut her up. The two customers behind her were going to, too. Happy weekend, everyone!:chicken: :chicken: :chicken: (cheap, cheap, cheap)
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katl8e that's funny that you say that. I used to be a cashier and the store where I worked was constantly marking things down and the items were kept on a cart at the front of the store. Well one customer had put amoungst other things a single taper candle in her shopping cart that cost 2 cents. Then she went through the check out line and as I was ringing her stuff up she held up the canlde and asked if she should buy it. I said sure why not it's only 2 cents. That wasn't good enough. She spent 5 minutes talking with herself about whether or not she should buy the candle. After a while she decided against it and went on her way leaving behind a long line of angry customers who had been waiting while she made up her mind.

Then there was the woman who after I had given her the change which totaled 25 cents, she dropped the quarter as she was walking away. She couldn't find it so she came back and asked me if she could have another one.

Retail is NOT the place for me.
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My daughter's off for the weekend with her dad. I'm a little at loose ends but I'm sure I'll manage to keep busy somehow.

Having computer trouble though. It's a portable and it isn't charging properly. I have a new cord ordered, should come Monday, but I might lose internet access before then.

At least I already have hard copies of my resume, so the job hunt continues . . .
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