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HELP - Cats gone mad!

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I have 2 cats - Sebastian & Belle. Belle had an appointment with the vet this morning for a teeth cleaning. When I brought her home, Sebastian began to hiss at her. Thinking this may be a scent issue, Belle got a wetnap bath. But the hissing has yet to cease and Belle is hissing back. My better half reprimanded Sebastian and separated him for awhile in another room. Now, Sebastian is hissing at all of us! I don't know what to do! Is this normal? Any tips to stop the fighting??

Thanks for your help!

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put PURE vanilla extract on both of them, around the neck area and base of the tail. they need their scents to be the same and pure vanilla extract works the best. it'll be okay in a few days, cats are all about scent and the hissy one is smelling all kinds of new ones picked up at the vets. be patient. oh you can try Feliway plug ins too but this should stop in a few days.

I LOVE your cats names btw, fan of the band I assume? or the old cartoon tv show? both? or were the picked by some random coincidence?
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Jen said everything I would have said.

LOL! In the like same manner and everything. But yea, what she said.
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Actually the placement is wrong. The pure vanilla extract goes under their chins, between their shoulders and at the base of the tail. You will have to do this application several times daily before the scents that your vet cat picked up will simmer down.
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I tried the vanilla...once. My resident cat got mad at me!!

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Then chances are you put to much on. Only a tiny dab is needed.
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The same thing happened to me a few months back. Sebastian is hissing at you as well, because you have unfamiliare scents on you too. When this happened to me it took Alex a two or three days to stop hissing at Cleo. I didn't use vanilla extract, but I did rub a towel on one cat and then rub the other with the same towel to transfer their scents. You have to do it quite a bit, but it did seem to help. I didn't handle Cleo (the one who went to the vet) much during those couple of days either, so as to keep the unfamiliar scent off of me. On the second day, I started engaging both of them in play at the same time, and this helped quite a bit. Also, we invested in a larger carrier that can fit two cats, and when one needs to go to the vet, they both go.
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Thank you all sooooo much!!!
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