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Okay, does anyone else's cat do kidden Jinxy does.... weirdo

you patting your kidden, he's lovin life.... oh yea, rubbin his face on your arm/hand, your pattin, he's rubbin, and oops I have to take a little bite outa your arm/hand/whatever is available. Not hard, just a little like mouthy bitie kinda thing. The more you pat, the more he does it! He also eats my hair to wake me up - literally grabs it and pulls w/his mouth and eats it!!!! I keep telling him noooooooo (of course, I'm half asleep and in pain at that point)

What a freak :tounge2:
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Yeah I've had cats that have done the whole arm bitey thing. Some harder than others. And with claws.

Regarding the hair, my little kitty was licking mine this afternoon, but I did have a dog, who as a puppy used to knock me over and pull my hair like a tug of war game... ouch!
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Doh! That's gotta hurt.... I've only had him for 4 months, he's the first indoor kidden I've ever had - what a freak, chases his tail till he falls over dizzy - very cute - VERY VOCAL (shut up for the love of pete)!:tounge2: Thinks my table legs are scratching posts - and oh yes, he has one, but prefers "the real thing"
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Sounds like my as yet unnamed kitty. As I said, contemplating calling him "Donkey" after the talking donkey in Shrek, 'cos it's getting him to shut up that's the trick. I need to buy/make him more toys as he just doesn't seem interested in the balls I got him... more interested in the iron's cord! And the computer. He has already learned to type!
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Fred will nibble my arm if I am not cuddling him with it when he thinks I should be. He will nibble my nose if he just can't wait any longer for his breakfast. If he just wants to be annoying, he will pull on my eyebrow ring. Georgia is fascinated by my tongue barbell. I was sleeping with my mouth open, and I woke up to her pulling on it. I hope her paws were clean. Sometimes she will just come up and look in my mouth for no apparent reason. Silly girl!
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I love Donkey - Cataran - that would be funny... too bad he's not a she - you could call her JENNY :tounge2:

Krazy - My cat Jake tries to fit his head in my mouth if I yawn - what a bunch of freak animals I have.... My horse sqweels like a piggy if I don't feed him in time and my ducks come up to the window of my kitchen and peck on it when they are hungry...... it's the funny farm:laughing: :laughing:

oh and then there's bun bun - he thinks he's um...ehem... a rooster...... loves those henss......

Now I know where the term.... like rabbits....comes from :martian:
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I was reading my new issue of Cat Fancy magazine yesterday, and it said that sometimes petting can become uncomfortable for cats when they get over-stimulated. When it's not fun for them anymore, they bite and attack. On the other hand, I have a cat Goose who will bite and grab when you try to *stop* petting. She's very greedy about it.

Another of my cats, Winnie, does the hair pulling thing, and she will often lick my hair as well, very annoying at 2AM. I just shove her off the bed and go back to sleep, sometimes she comes back, sometimes not...
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I think he just likes it so much, he gets like OMG now I have to nip.... not mean or anything. He was doing it this AM and I said I have to see if anyone on the site has kiddens that do silly things like that, or any animal for that matter. My ducks won't let me touch them unless they are laying eggs (wierd).... after that DON'T TOUCH ME!:tounge2:
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My cat does that too, the bitey bit. Just a little nibble that I think of as a 'love bite.' It's as though she gets over stimulated & just doesn't know what to do. When she starts doing that I say NO and then she licks at the place where she was nibbling. I don't think she means she doesn't like it because then she just walks away from me.

Betty M
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same with jinxy - aaaahhh the joys of cat ownership, or, er... people ownership :tounge2:
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Dani's started doing that little bite thing too, it's not hard, just nip and release. But if she doesn't want to be petted anymore, she'll curl her body around my forearm and try to pull my hand into her mouth. That's a bit harder bite but still it's not painful. She usually releases right away.

Hair grooming is normally saved for 4 a.m., she'll lay on my pillow and lick my hair or sometimes, she'll just kneed my shoulder or my head with her paws. I call it a cat massage and hair groom. If she fails to arouse me though, then I get the eyebrow/forehead lick. Her tongue's so rough, I'm always surprised I still have eyebrows

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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I read many years ago that cats are the only animals that give "love bites." I get very gentle love bites all the time. Precious also tries to lift my hand with her mouth the way she picks up kittens to move them! Of course this is different from the play bite, which usually happens when we bring it on ourselves by letting them attack our hands under the covers. My Siamese love to have their tummies rubbed, but to my previous cats, a hand in the tummy was an invitation to grab, play, chew on until Mommy said, "Ouch!"
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My kitten Oogie used to "groom" my boyfriend whenever we shaved his head. He just liked the really short hair (about 1/8" long) and would sit on the back of the couch and groom him forever! He's grown out of it though. I thought it was really funny, but my boyfriend didn't like the raw patches on his scalp.
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My cats don't do that. When they get sick of you petting them they run away.

Although at work we have a cat who boards quite often. His name is Garnet and he loves to have his back scratched. He loves it so much he'll place his front paws on your shoulders and he'll suck on your neck.

I've never let him do this because it kind of weirds me out but it's funny watching him do it to everyone else. If you stop him though he'll give you a good swat and I have a nice little cut my finger to prove it.
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Yeah, my cat loves giving me love bites on the arm, and she sometimes enjoys jumping on the back of the couch to nibble at the hair on my head, which kind of tickles.
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Yup, those sound like "love bites" alright. I get them from my Murphy all the time. I think the more pleasure he gets from the petting, the harder the bite. He does the hair grooming, too, once in awhile. My sister's cat Caesar used to groom her eyebrows at night, until she gently distracted him - it tickled so bad! But luckily, he grew out of it.

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was he weaned to early, is he teething, i know that sounds like a child i am talking about but no really my vet told me when i had kittens that sometimes when they are weaned to early or are trying to strengthen their teeth from kitten to adult that they will nibble or bite like that and they also do it in play.
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My kitty was grooming my hair about 4 hours ago! And, yes, they do the biting thing. Not hard, just love bites letting me know either A:they want me to stop or
B:they wish to play.

Silly creatures they are!!:tounge2:
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I'm not sure when Murphy was weaned. We got him from a pet store so perhaps he was weaned too early. That was 10 years ago, so he isn't teething. I've had 4 cats in my life and they all did this to one extent or another. The Siamese liked to do this the most.
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he gets up on my chest and starts trying to eat my buttons or string hanging off my shirt! He's soooooo goofy - still getting to know him cuz I've only had him for about 5 months. He also chases his tail till he falls down dizzy:paranoid3 - Wicked spring fever!
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My puppy chases his tail like your cat. My cat watches the puppy and looks bored. Too funny
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