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Odor Control?

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1. Has anyone found a product that really takes care of cat urine odor (not from spraying, but from regular urination), especially after it begins to produce an ammonia smell, and particularly in carpeting? I've tried some bacterial enzymes, but I've found they don't work very well unless I find the wet spot very quickly.

2. Also, I've read a lot of material (including some of the collected wisdom on this forum) about how to stop cats from urinating outside of the litter box and followed much of the advice. My situation is a bit different from what's usually talked about, in that the culprit sometimes goes in the box, but sometimes doesn't, and when she doesn't it's often within a couple feet of the box. I keep a box for each cat and scoop twice daily. I've also used Feliway. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions or ideas?

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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We have used Nature's Miracles (cat version) with good success, but you do have to use A LOT of it and thoroughly soak the spot.

Have you recently changed litters or anything like that? Maybe a different litter would work better. Also, your cat might prefer a covered box if you're not already using one, or for the box to be cleaned more frequently. One of my cats prefers to use the box only if it's clean, with no evidence of previous activity in the box.

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http://www.citypet.com/ (that's just something for the overall smell of urine, a bit pricey, but worth it)

Also, for the carpeting I use some stuff that they have in the store, that is called "OUT!" pet stain and odor remover. ever scince I used that, we havent had any type of smell on the spots. It works real good.

In the litter box, I now use "pet gold" cat litter deodorizer because it works SPECTACULAR for poop smell(my kitten doesnt cover his stuff), and it is supposed to attract the cat to the litter box. Which I belive works, because he was having a problem with not using the litter box, and he's used it scince I started putting that stuff in there.

Also, they SAY that putting alluminum foil wherever the cat pees out of the litter box, will make them want to stop peeing there because of the sound. But that didnt work for me. The Feliway also didnt work for that problem, it worked for my 2 cats in the house aggression problems, but not for the pee.

You can also try spraying some lemony smelling stuff in the place that the kitty likes to go pee. They dont like the smell of lemon stuff.

Good luck.
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