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food supplements

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In my country we only import Friskies and President's Choice cat food. When I was in the US a few months ago I bought a big bag of Nutro for kittens for my 2 cats (9 months old) but now they are through with that, it's back to whatever I can get here, and I don't think they are good enough. I feed them canned morning and night and free feed dry. I would import cat food except the canned in particular will cost a fortune to ship. I am wondering if I should import a raw food supplement in powdered form so I can feed them meat with this stuff added? I need it to be simple. Can anyone suggest a supplement?

Other thing is, I often add tuna to their wet food when they are bored with it, but I just read that tuna depletes their Vitamin E!! Eeek! What about canned sardines or mackerel? Would these be OK to mix with wet cat food to make it more appetising?
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I think the problem with lower-grade cat foods is that they're full of additives, preservatives, corn, etc. so I'm not sure if adding a supplement is really the answer. I think it's more that the things in the cheaper cat foods just aren't good for them. It's kind of like eating cheeseburgers all day while taking vitamins. The vitamins are good for you, but you're still getting the fat, cholesterol, etc. from the cheeseburgers. There are many raw feeders on the site, maybe you could look into doing that. I've never heard that tuna depletes vitamin e, but I add some meat flavored baby food (gerbers) to my cats' wet food and they go crazy for it.
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Presidents Choice has a food called Nutrition 1st, which isn't *so* bad... if that is absolutley all you can get, I'd look into trying to find this one.

Otherwise, the suppliment "Call of the Wild" by Wysong is excellent for rounding out a raw diet (which sounds like it may be the better route for you)
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Thanks! will look into Call of the Wild. We do get Nutrition First and I prefer to buy PC rather than Friskies as it seems to have meat as its first ingredient rather than corn. I'm just not sure about the other additives etc.
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It might be cheaper to do a raw diet than trying to import if you have the time for preparation. Its really worth it in the end.
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