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My new, and as yet unnamed kitty just wanted to say g'day to everyone.

Believe it or not, this cat is a computer nerd and types.

m........cv <--- I think that's hello in feline.

Trouble is, trying to keep him OFF the keyboard so I can type stuff that makes sense!
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Hey Catran, welcome!

My kitten is into the keyboard also, however she doesnt tend to have much diversity when it comes to different keys. She stands on one key and watches the characters scroll. She also loves to chase the pointer on the screen.

I haven't settled on a name yet for my baby either, although i'm leaning toward 'shiraz'. In any event, these sites might give you a few ideas if you are looking for them:




Good luck with the new kitty!
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Hi catran! Welcome to you and your furbaby. You'll love it here. If you can, post a picture.
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Yeah I would have so many pictures of him by now if
a) I had film in my camera, and
b) The bloody web cam would work

But alas, I shall try to describe my nameless kitty. He has medium - long hair, and is ginger, with a white rim around his eyes and on his chin and tummy. And he has a cute little pink nose too!

Only problem is he won't shut up, so he's heading the way to being landed with the name of "Donkey"... it's getting him to shut up that's the trick!

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Hello catran!! I have a computer nerd as well, although he perfers to watch the screen and bat at the cursor. Hopefully you'll come up with a name for your kitty soon, I'd try and help you but I'm not much better.

I look forward to reading your posts and hopefully finding out your kitty's name soon!!
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Welcome to the site! Your little guy sounds like quite the cute little character. We love hearing kitty stories, and, of course, seeing pictures.

Hope to see you posting often!
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hi and welcome!
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Welcome to you, Catran! Glad to have you onboard!
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