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Need some advice

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Hi, I adopted a 6 year old male neutered cat, (Rory), from my local shelter 35 days ago. I have another male neutered cat, Felix, 2 years old. Rory is such a sweet cat, and I just love him, but he keeps attacking our other male cat that we had adopted from the same shelter about 1 month earlier. He keeps mounting Felix, and I've seen him doing it to blankets too, yet he is neutered. I took him to the vet to double check that he is in fact neutered, and they said that from what they can tell he is. They did a few tests, and apparently he has Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, (he said it wasn't too bad, but his pH levels were not were they should be). Rory showed no signs of being sick, so I was really surprised. The doctor said that that could be causing Rory's behaviour. So I purchased the medication and the special food,( Royal Canin Urinary SO), but now he isn't drinking any water. It's been about 1 week since he's been on the medication, and while he isn't trying to mount my other cat as much, he is still doing it occasionally. The doctor said to finish the medication, and then if there is no improvement, then the next step is to do explorartory sugery to see if he is one of the rare cases where his testicles didn't drop. My problem with that, is that they don't suspect this is the case, since his urine didn't smell like a tom cat's urine, and the fact that it is very rare. I would hate for him to have to undergo uneccessary surgery; but he can't stay in my home if he is attacking my other cat. The vet also mentioned if that's not the problem, then they would have to put him on hormones for the rest of his life. I just feel this wouldn't be the right thing to do, (the surgery and then if required the hormone therapy), if he would be ok in a home that didn't have another cat. I'm scared though that if I end up giving him back to the shelter that he won't be adopted again. He was there for 4 months before I adopted him. I am very confused right now and would love some advice.
Also once he finishes the antibiotics, should I continue to give him the special food so that it doesn't come back?
Thanks for any advice
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Is the so wet or dry???

You may want a second opinion
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I would do a couple of things. I would finish with the medication he is on. Look into getting a pet fountain to encourage him to drink more. Invest in a couple of Comfort Zone Room Diffusers and burn those in your home. Then I would go from there. If he is mounting the other cat and not hurting him, it could just be dominant behavior, or he mated prior to being neutered and this is just normal behavior for him. If he is not bothering the other cat as far as severe biting etc.. you might just want to let it go and not put him through a surgery.
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The Royal Canin food is wet. The vet said to give him 1/2 can twice a day, and if he needs more, give him 3/4 of the can twice a day.

Rory isn't neccessarily hurting Felix, but I think it is stressing Felix out. Felix runs away meowing, and he looks upset. I am confused why he would be mounting my blankets though. This isn't normal is it?

I'm going to go buy the water fountain today. What is a Comfort Zone Room Diffusers? I have never heard of them. Thanks
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If kitty was on dry before the wet food would explain the lack of h2o drinking... wet food is 75-85 % water..

Hissy gave a great tip on the diffusers ... they can help relax or de stress the enviornment
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Scroll down to Farnum Pet

I have four of these going in my house at all times. With fourteen cats, it works wonders I notice when it is about to run out, the cats become somewhat antsy and combative.
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Thanks for the info hissy I live in Canada and I have never seen them here. I'll have to keep looking as they sound like they would be good for my cats.
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Originally Posted by Snowflake99
Thanks for the info hissy I live in Canada and I have never seen them here. I'll have to keep looking as they sound like they would be good for my cats.
i think petsmart has it (i'm from canada too)

if not u can try ebay.there r loads of them on ebay
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If you can't get Comfort Zone Diffuser from eBay or PetSmart...there are several Pet Stores that sell them through Amazon.com. Just do a search on something like Feliway or Comfort Zone with Feliway.
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I see comfort zone in feed stores here..
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