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CLYDE CHAPMON - October 2002 - December 30, 2005

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Cat Lovers on the Forum:

I'm sorry to tell you, but I confirmed that it was probably Clyde who got hit on 259 right by the Friendly Barbershop. He probably got hit sometime overnight last Friday.

He was my best friend, and the best pet I've ever had. He was unique, mellow, and truly a great companion. I'll try to move on, but two kitties in less than 7 months is difficult to handle. I will adopt again, since there are too many wonderful companions who deserve my love and attention.

I'm grateful to Partnership for Pets here in Longview for providing this wonderful cat to me for the last 2.5 years, and I will never forget him.

He will always have a special place in my heart. Although he can never be truly replaced, I have found a young female cat to adopt (black and white) who is named Oreo. Hopefully she can help provide comfort to me in this time of need. The hearts below hold the bond he and I shared, and the sun is the happiness he brought to me every day.

Mike Chapmon
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I am soo sorry to hear that. I hope the new kitties help you out during this difficult time. My condolences on your loss. RIP Clyde
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Clyde sounds like he was a great companion. It sounds like adopting a new furry friend will bring you some comfort and is a way to honor Clyde's memory too. RIP sweet boy.
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I'm so sorry it turned out this way. He was a special guy. You'll never forget him, but hopefully Oreo will fill the void in your home. RIP, Clyde.
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My heart droped when I saw the title on this post. I'm so sorry for you loss, no cat will ever replace him, but I hope that Oreo brings you some comfort in this difficult time.
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It is so difficult to accept that kind of news. I am so sorry and I hope Clyde finds peace over the Bridge.
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I was hoping this news didnt come - I am so sorry Mike

RIP Clyde - you are deeply missed. Play happily little one
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Deep condolences on the loss of Clyde. May he rest in peace!
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RIP Clyde You were a wonderful companion
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I'm so sorry to hear!
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Sorry to hear about your boy Clyde. We empathize with your pain and wish you comforting thoughts at this time.
I hope Oreo fills the emptiness in your home and heart.

Rest In peace Clyde.
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