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I have:
Three Cats: Luna(pregnant), Tobi(three years), and Sophie(18 years)
Four Dogs: Gracie(18 y.o Maltese), Roxanne(6 y.o Maltese), Liberty (2 y.o Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix) and Lacy (9 week old GSD/Golden mix)
One Birdie: Yoda (one year old Orange Bellied African Senegal Parrot)
One Rat, but will probably get another: Ripley who is about 3 years
About 20 guppies(fish) and 10 comets and two koi(fish).
...and any strays that wander by... or any fosters
Kat and the above critters
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Well in my dorm room its just Osiris and Sobek (Anoles)

At home I have Winona and Stosh (Samoyeds) Haley and Keltie (Yorkies) and the newest puppy Brindle (Yorkie)

And boarding here at the animal hospital before I take her home is Miki (cat)
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Arlyn, if you want a link to a great guy who keeps all kinds of Tarantulas, I can give it to you. The name and website is downstairs so I will get it next time I go down. I had an Indian Ornamental we go from this place. It was between that and a Green Bottle Blue, they are beautiful tarantulas...

I want one! The bird eating ones are great too.
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Simply beautiful.
I'm a serious arachnaphobe, but it doesn't keep me from appreciating their beauty.

Not like I have to touch them anyway

I do love my girl, as creepy and prehistoric as some people may find her.

Aren't the ornamentals a bit aggressive, like the goliaths?
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eeeeek!!! My cats would eat that spider lol nice lookin spider!

I have 2 finches, 2 Budgies/parakeets, 20 gallon fish tank, and my lovely 3 kitties. We are letting go of the fish cuz our next apartment is smaller, but we are getting a pair of

If it was up to us, we would have a whole zoo!
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I have 4 gorgeous kitties, 1 dog- germanshepherd-wolf mix, a blue holland lop bunny named Sophie, and 3 fishtanks
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Oh My Bloody God. That picture scared me lol. Im terafied of spiders and I started shakeing when I saw that pic *shudders*, but its a pretty colour *nods* and looks a lot nicer then most Ive seen

As of right now, I have 2 cats(Mischief and Storm), 4 kittens (Midnight, Lightning, Lucky and Shadow), 2 guinea pigs (Choco and Puff), a dog (Max), a rabbit (Snowball) and a snake (Sarah). I just lost my 19 year old cat Rascal Jan 31st, I think Im still in shock from that, I miss her so much.

Theres links to the kittens here

and my snake here http://silverphoenix69.livejournal.c...73.html#cutid1 . She'll be a year old next month
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My house is full of spiders! I like the Daddy long Legs...the kind you can hold and ask where the cows are,and they will point one leg?? We have 3 kitties,2 goldfish and one of those shark looking sucker things...I forget it's groundhog that lives under our shed that we call "Bigun" She has the cutest babies A racoon we call Becky that eats out of the birdfeeder ,and then there is the 12 ft long blacksnake that lives in our wellhouse! Of course the last three are not pets...but they do share our lives and make it much more interesting!!
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I have 1 cat and my fiance has 2 turtles
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I have a guinea pig (Hazel), and several dozen Siamese Fighting Fish. And pretty soon I'll be taking care of two gerbils for my friend as she moves into her new apartment.
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We have:
3 cats: Milo (about 5 years old), Milo (1½ years old)and Zebra (1 year next month)

2 dogs: Terra (Unsure of her age, probably about 6) and Zoe (about 2½)

Hedgehog: Sonic (2 years old) Currently trying to find him a new home

At my parents house I have a cat named Sara who is about 14 years old. They also have a cat named Licorice (around 4 if I had to guess) and a dog named Candy (no clue how old she is)

We live out in the country so we have a lot of wild animals running around.
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well i ahve all the cats on my siggy thing and i have a dog jazz and my sister also has snakes she had 4 but i think 2 have exscaped
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Ok i have 3 budgies ( rescues) Luna Sol and Venus( my newest 3 days with our family)
1 cat taz, and her 4 9 day old kittens,
1 puppy kozmo,
1 toddler
and 1 husband

Yup those are all my animals!
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We have 4 grown female cats,
one foster kitten- 5 wks,
one 1 1/2 yr old Boxer (from humane society)
a box turtle,
and a 55 gallon fish tank-

Gee, that doesn't seem like as much written down as it feels like here , especially throwing a 2 yr old toddler and a husband into the mix !
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For those of you that have cats and guinea pigs:

Do they get along well? My cats (two) love, and I mean love, my guinea pig. He is just as fond of them, too. The cats sleep on top of his cage, and when he's in his pen they all hang out together.

I wonder if anyone else has witnessed something similar.
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I own guinea pigs! The cats love them! They sleep in their cages!

My current pets are-
5 cats, Barnie, Blue, Kiara, Sasha and Astro
1 dog, Beatrice
2 Guinea pigs, Calibre and Zephyr
2 dwarf Hamsters, KC and Rio
2 Bettas, Secret and Valentino
and 54 sheep, newborn lambs included!!!!!!
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In my home we have:
- Mittens my kitty.
- Buddy, 5 year old Labrador Retriever.
- 5 ratties- Dexter, Ralph, Tidbit, Peanut, and Pebbles.
- 1 male betta named Lizzie.
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I live with 3 cats, Jack, Mack & Woodstock (Jack and Mack are about 4, Woodstock is a little over 17!)
2 Jack Russell Terriers, Ben & Jerry (I did NOT pick those names!!)
1 Lab mix, Mickie (found him in the woods many years ago
1 Blue & Gold Macaw, Madison (My baby - and spoiled rotten)
1 Yellow-Naped Amazon, Rocky (a very loud and very colorful boy!)
A Timneh African Grey, Tyler (can impersonate the cats perfectly)
An evil, evil Iguana who hates me, Rea (She was abused and has every right to hate people but I'm getting sick of people asking me if I'm suicidal from all the scratch marks she leaves on my arms!!)
A huge Oscar, Clyde, who hates my Macaw. (actually tries to swim/slam through the glass of the aquarium when he sees her)
A 30 gallon hex tank with tetras, clown loaches and small irridescent sharks.
and 7 wonderful chickens: Sprite, Amber, Callie, Spot, Flash & my 2 handicapped girls, Red and Bandy.
I can't forget George the black bear! He's not a pet but he used to visit us all the time for some tasty garbage... havent seen him yet this year

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Besides, Jingle my 14 1/2 yr old black & white DSH I have 3 Sugar Gliders (Petunia, Max & Kahlua) and an Albino California Kingsnake named Byrd. I also have to kitties at my boyfriend's house (Jingle doesn't like the kitties in his space!). A Russian Blue named Teddy & his sister a Tortie named Averill. They just turned 1 last month.
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We had 2 aquatic turtles (red-eared sliders) Mary-Kate & Ashley, but Ashley died. It's a sin, but Mary-Kate is much happier anyway. And don't worry, she eats twice a day....and never had to go to the betty ford clinic!!! Although when we got the twins, they were refugee immigrants from God Knows Where. They are supposed to be 4 inches big legally to buy them, but I got them in China town as big as a quarter! Didn't know they were illegal till I surfed the web.

And of course LuckyGirl, aka LuckyBoots our feral kitten we took in a few weeks ago who has taken over our lives. The turtle of course is for her amusement only. We call this turtlevision, cause she sits and watches it for hours. I had to put something over the top of the tank cause occasionally I'd catch her with her 2 front paws and the tip of her nose in the tank!!!

And lastly, there is me Heather (28)...step-mom of Jasmine (8), wife of Tom (31)...and adopted mommy of LuckyGirl...
PS...been trying for 2 years to have one of my own...with no luck!
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5 cats
3 gerbils and for some reason I really want a bunny at the moment
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Four cats.
My kids seem to think they NEED a puppy, but I think NOT!
If they want a dog they'll have to wait until they're grown up and live in their own house.

I'm scared to death of dogs ( a German Shepard tried to eat my leg when I was 5 )...and I'm sorry, but no dog is going to live in my house.

ETA: I just realized this thread is almost a year old, so if the Mods want to remove this I understand!!
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wow this thread is really old but imma take a shot at it as well

Here is my zoo
6 cats
2 dogs (chocolate and black labs, brother and sister)
2 guniea pigs ended up taking them in b/c my sister in laws mom was going to throw them in the woods so I took one and my brother took the other and a month later I had a baby
and then of course sugar my bunny !! She has been here longer than all of the other current animals
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This is old!
Well of course there are the kitties, Molly and Polly.
2 dogs- a Border Collie mix named Millie and a chihuahua/terrier (I think?) mix named Lucy.
And last but not least, a little gray Dwarf Rabbit named Blossom.

And as for free roaming animals that come around here; coyotes, javelina, desert tortoises, roadrunners, scorpions, rattle snakes, mountain lions (rarely, but my cousin heard the skrieking and roaring and several miles from us my mom's friend saw one in a tree with a deer), etc. Sometimes there are cattle, but with all the construction lately they've been keeping away a lot.
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Okay, I'm going to show just how stupid I am.
What's a javelina
If it turns out to be something everyone but me knows about I'm going to feel so stupid
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