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10 cats (two are fosters and will go to their families in the next few months)
4 dogs (used to be 5;one was successfully adopted out last week!)- one old, backyard-bred incontinent Doberman (a big sweetie); a boxer/shepherd mix; a terrier/chow mix; and a feisty Rat Terrier mix who sleeps under the covers- all the dogs and cats are speutered and all rescues except the dobie
2 elderly rats (one mine, one, my daughter's)
2 gerbils (my daughter's)
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2 cats (Beavis & Peanut Butter Toast)
3 dogs (2 German Shepherds {Dobber & Shade} & 1 Chinese Crested Hairless{Calista})
3 Gerbils (Sugar (8 wksold) , Baby (8 wks old), and Smokey(10 wks old)
2 Albino African Clawed Frogs (froggy and new unnamed one)
2 Pigmented (green) African Clawed Froglets (both unnamed)

Im thinking about going and getting another gerbil tomorrow-- I just got these three girls this week-- Got Smokey & Baby wednesday and Sugar today and they are adjusting fine-- Thats why Im thinking about adding a sable one that they have right now so they will all adjust-- cause once these babies grow up some they wont allow newcomers into their home.
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We have a blue front amazon that loves my partner and H A T E S me. We also have a Golden Capped Conure--very cute and VERY loud. Miss Tigger keeps away from the amazon, as do most cats, but occasionally gets into her hunting mode with the Conure when both are inside. Still working on training her not to bother them...getting better, but still have a ways to go...
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We have 2 bearded dragons age 2 1/2, Dragon and Lizzy and 1 Cat age 21, Kitty. I'm not allowed to have anymore
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I have a dog and 2 cats in a one bedroom apartment! Plus me and my wife
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2 dogs (1 indoor / 1 outdoor)
9 cats (5 indoor / 4 outdoor)
5 fishes
3 snails
5 chickens
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One 7-month old cat, Oscar
One 8-year old Yorkshire Terrier, Jasmine
Five 1-year old rats (Mischief, Dixie, Robin, Charles & Jake)
Three 2-month old foster rats (Chevy, Casper & Chaz)
One male Betta Fish in a six-gallon tank

We've had more (a gorgeous Lutino Cocketiel, a very loveable Senegal Parrot, and a 120-gallon fish tank with six Oscars, among others), but we had to down-size when we moved to Massachusetts. I look forward to finally living in my own house and getting my forever birds back!
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Right now we have 6 cats, 3 feerets, a turtle and a hermit crab.
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2 cats- lily and freda
2 rats- milk and cream
1 guinea- pig daisy
1 rabbit- dolly
The rats are the hardest to look after and take a good hour to clean.
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My hubby and I have 2 house rabbits, Bennett (mini lop) and Fiona (silver marten). My parents' cats Baggins (tortie) and Sammy (tabby) get along with them pretty well. Baggins is really laid back with the rabbits - she'll just flop out with them and nap - but Sammy is very interested with Fiona who has a deformed hind leg, so we never leave them unsupervised. The bunnies aren't afraid of the cats but if Bennett thinks Sammy's getting too familiar with Fiona's gimpy leg, he'll charge Sammy and the kitty backs down.
The cats come to my house to visit with my parents and have their own kitty room here for when they spend the night. I take my bunnies home when I go to visit my family and they stay in my room.
It's always great to have the Fantastic Four together!!

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Well.... I have one of those creatures they call a "Husband" and 2 of those "kids thinga-a-majiggies" 1 "brother in law creature" and 3 cats.....

I'm bad, I know it.....
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not allowed to have dogs yet, we live in an apartment.............
Really? Not to sound uniformed, but whenever I watch Animal Cops (New York City) Many apartments are LOADED with all kinds of animals. One apartment the officers visited had like 10 dogs and they were all allowed. I was told NYC is very pet-friendly and has no limits on the numbers of pets in the apartments (it looks that way too!). In fact, the numbers of pets inside of many of those apartments far exceed the legal limits in most rural TOWNS in Wisconsin. Our little town has a limit of 3 dogs per house. I suppose though that some apartments are no-pet just like other cities.

Oh, yes.. I live in Milwaukee in an apartment. We have two cats (Nibbley and Autumn), 2 Lovebirds (Piper and Shreek), and a fishtank with 1 Betta, 2 Black Tetras, 1 White Tetra, 3 Rasbora Hets, and 1 Cory Catfish. Lily is no longer of this earth, and my oldest cat Blondie lives at my parent's house.
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Originally Posted by catlover67
Lily is no longer of this earth, and my oldest cat Blondie lives at my parent's house.
So sorry to hear about Lily. She was a lovely kitty from her picture.
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2 persian rescues, Pug & Starlight.
1 double yellowheaded amazon named Otis
4 african grays Nelson, Shadow, Tyronette & Copper
4 senegals Archie, Peaches, Matilda & male friend
2 cockatiels Exaver & his girlfriend
and the occational rescue cocktiel or persian cat...
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30 gal aquarium S. American Cichlids
10 gal African Cichlids
15 gal community tank
3 betta tanks
1goldfish tank
5 cats
2 Boxers 1 mutt
1 guinea pig
2 parakeets
3 children
I love them all
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3 cats (Jake, Izzy, Jazmin)
1 guinea pig (Ozzy)
4 tropical fish tanks (hubbys hobby) which i am having to do all the water changes on as he is in Australia at the moment

Nuggety our gold nugget plec

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I have 6 cats, 2 ferrets, a bird, an iguana, a dog and 6 hermit crabs.
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Originally Posted by joecool
I have two cats, two dogs, and three chinchillas.

Oooh, chinchillas. Please tell me about yours. I wanted to get a chin but my boyfriend insisted on ferrets. They aren't bad and I love them now that they have grown on me. But I still want a chin down the road. if you don't know mind telling me some pros and cons. Send me a message if ya like. Thanks
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We have.....

2 dogs (pomeranian and maltese)
4 cats (3 adult outdoor and one kitten indoor)

50gal saltwarer tank
2 10gal freshwater tanks
1 lion head rabbit

1 mini rex rabbit (hand-raised from birth)
and our latest addition.....
an Albino California King Snake

our 3 rats all just recently passed away
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In my home there is me, my husband Kyle, my 3 year old son, Telaryn, his 6 month old sharpi, Gracie and our newest additions to the family are my beautiful chocolate point siamese cat named Yen and her 5 day old kittens...which we have yet to name. My son likes star wars, so they will probably be name princess laya and padme or yoda and darth vader.
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My fiance and I have two beautiful young puppers ( I year old Border Collie and 8 month old black Lab pup) and three cats... one is currently prego so it will soon be more. I also have three little dogs that live at my parents place... they wouldnt let me take them with me because they were too attached. (14 year old Jack Russell, 11 year old Yorkie, and 6 year old Shih Tzu) I had a calico hampster named Fuzz Butt but she is sadly no more. She and my Venny (parakeet) are waiting at the little animals rainbow bridge.
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46 Gallon Freshwater Planted Fishtank:

Top Level: 5 Guppies
Middle Level: 1 Gold Ram, 7 Rummy-nose Tetras
Bottom/Cleanup: 2 African Dwarf Frogs, 2 Otocinclus Catfish, 2 Bamboo Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp

I just lost a few fish to ich and columnaris so the tank is a little sparse. For the first time since I got it it is now healthy . I'll be adding 2 female rams, 2 more female guppies, 2 more Oto Cats, and if there is room 4-6 Hatchetfish.
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12 cats
Gizmo aka Speed Bump, Dump Truck or Road Kill (Calico)
Nemo aka Hag (Grey Tabby)
Uno aka Uni or Un (Tuxedo Cat)
Jasmine aka Jazzy (Tortie)
Jasper (Grey/Brown Tabby)
Moochie aka Pretty Boy (White/Grey Tabby)
Igor aka Big Boy (Brown/Grey/White Tabby)
Button (Dilute Tortie/Tabby)
Nightmare (Solid Black)
Charmin (Grey Tabby)
Runt Runt aka Witch (Grey Tabby)
Hazel aka Sugar Glider (Grey Tabby)

2 Dogs
Cassie Girl aka Brown Dog (We have no idea what breed,I think some kind of pointer/Hound)
Queenie (Dalmatian)

2 Cockatiels
Pooh (Latino)
Poe (Pied)

Long haired hamster
Julius Caesar aka Fuzzy Guy


We also have a stray cat that hangs around that I feed. I am not sure if he is feral or just scared. He will let me get about 6 inches away before he hisses and runs. I have named him Snagglepuss.
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We have

Karma - the CAT

William S. Burros - the Kenyan Sand Boa
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Well we currently have:our 8 cats(with Chloe being pg) and 3 dogs Free roaming, is unknown We live out, so I know theres possums,coyotes,deer,all type of bird,squirrels,mice(if cats dont catch 'em first) scorpions(these things scare the heck outta me ) and spiders......yucky! On occasion theres snakes, and armadillios......
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Spiders are one of the things I collect. I used to be afraid of them until i held a golioth bird-eating tarantula in my hand (leg span of 12+ inches). I currently have 7 tarantulas, and 9 black widows (contrary to your beliefs they are not dangerous unless they get caught in your cloths)
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Originally Posted by TigerOnTheProwl
Spiders are one of the things I collect. I used to be afraid of them until i held a golioth bird-eating tarantula in my hand (leg span of 12+ inches). I currently have 7 tarantulas, and 9 black widows (contrary to your beliefs they are not dangerous unless they get caught in your cloths)

Yay! Another arachnophobic tarantula keeper!

What species are yours?
I only have Lloth, a single, 3 year old Chilean Rose, my next aquisition I hope to get is a Green Bottle Blue and eventually Cobalt Blue and a Goliath.
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I have...

2 cats:


1 dog:

-Sharie (sheltie)

1 guinea pig:


Hardly anything compared to many of you...
But nevertheless, I love them!
Nice to meet everyone else's pets!!

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apart from my 3 felines, i also have

3 guinea pigs called: sydney; elsa; harryporkchop

a gerbil called chandler

a hamster called doogle

and my partner has a bearded dragon called sander

i love the little critters dearly, doogle the hamster is the new addition, got him last month, he is very sweet and friendly.
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