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These are my creatures!

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Used to have three cats, down to one. One turtle, two zebra finches and an orange weaver.
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Originally Posted by Catfur
In addition to the two cats: 1 Iguana, 2 Spotted Salamanders, 2 Tiger Salamanders, 1 Fire Salamander, 1 Northern Red Salamander, 2 Green & Black Poison Dart Frogs, 1 Veiled Chameleon, 1 Panther Chameleon (all belong to roomate); 2 Panther Chameleons, 7 Dyeing Poison Dart Frogs (3 varieties), 8 Mimic Poison Dart Frogs (2 varieties), 3 Amazon Poison Dart Frogs, 4 Rio Madiera Poison Dart Frogs, 2 Species of Roaches, other feeder bugs, and a passel of chameleon eggs.

Oh yeah! You got amazing pets, the roaches and spotted salamanders are one of my favorite pets I had.
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I have five cats and two dogs, and used to keep Siamese Fighting Fish, but haven't for a while.

I'm dying for a Bengal, and I really, really want a rabbit!!
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I've got two kitties and a shiba inu puppy.
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once we get out of this apartment, definately a puppy...............
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2 cats
1 boston terrier
1 ferret
1 ball python
3 leopard geckos
and of course my 'work kitties' who live at the clinic!
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some pics of our cat and chinchilla.........

Robb, Steph, Bailey, & Rupert
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4 cats: Boomer, Nuby, Lucky, and Simba
2 dog: Molly and Mitzi
2 corn snakes: Diamond and Freedo
1 hedgehog: Snowball
1 betta: Bruce

I love them all!
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2 cats and 4 dogs.
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1- waterdragon
2- goldfish
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
1- waterdragon
2- goldfish

What is a waterdragon???
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Originally Posted by sharky
What is a waterdragon???
This is a water dragon

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2 cats and 2 rats! And never the twain shall meet!
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Three cats
Two dogs
Two hamsters
Five birds
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1 kitty - Harley
2 fishies - 1 goldfish named Laguna and some kind of blue tropical fish (its John's )
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My name is Abigail and I reign over one southern painted turtle named algae, two nameless fish friends, one large male Alpha cat named Jim (actually a tall slender balding man with big feet) and a small woman who talks to me non stop, feeds me regularly, scoops my litter box and bends over to kiss me in the morning. I let them hang around because they know just where to pet me and they make great but weird toys.
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I have a bengal cat, a mutt cat, and a weimeraner dog!
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One cat named Puppy.
One red-eared slider (a turtle) in a 120 gallon aquarium. She's 7 inches and growing! She's a little small, so I expect she'll top out at only 10 inches.
A number of guppies that are breeding in Terabyte's tank. She occasionally munches on them, but her sight is bad so she misses a lot.

Thankfully, Puppy has no interest in Terabyte, so I haven't had to rig up a cover for the aquarium yet.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
This is a water dragon

Lovely .. How long is it
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4 Dogs (Jess Aj Bonnie & Boris) 4 Cats (Tommy, Charlie, Jade & Sol) plus horse called Filou but he doesn't live in the house.

We live in the mountains here in Lanzarote so we get Gekko's and lizards and occaisional mice who never last long !
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I have three cats... Bandit, Simon and Zee (Zee-Dog - he acts like a dog).
I also have a container full of "Crickets" ... yes crickets... they entertain the cats for hours A cheap and fun toy! And yes the crickets are in the container at all times! Unless Zee someday finds out how to open the container = of which he tries every day! That is why it is taped shut

That is all the animals I have currently... When I was growing up I had many many many cats and dogs along the way. I had a pet Squirrel, Racoon, rabbit, turtles, lizards, birds, horses, cows, etc. But then I lived on a farm
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Originally Posted by sharky
Lovely .. How long is it
Lizzie is 2 1/2 feet long.
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Along side the two cats live two very large guinea pigs, and a Fell pony. Should I also claim the woodmice and the toad that live in the garden shed?
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7 cats; Noir, Da-Ku, Pwne, Eliott, Merlot, Bowie, Kinks
3 rats: Gigi, Luigi and Gem
5 goldfish: Inky, Pinky, Winky, Stinky and Dinky
1 sucker fish: Lips
5 snails: no names
3 ball pythons; Lotus, Prism, Tungi
Rose Hair Tarantula, it's my boyfriends, we used to have an Indian Ornamental but it died
Sheltie Dog: Max
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6 cats. All ages, 3 boys, 3 girls!

1 dog. Around 6 yrs, a boy!

1 human child. 9 yrs old, a girl!

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Well it's just me.

The 2 cats: Gandalf and Samwise (Both 2 Yrs Old.)
And our Goldfish; Jeordie. (1 Yr or so old) Soon to be joined by a companion Gold Fish.

Anything else that comes into the apartment and is alive is fair game for the cats. Samwise has a high prey drive and I'd rather not chance any other animals.
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One Hubby -- 33 years old
One Akita/Shep/Dobie mix (or something along those lines) 6 or so years old
One Labrador just over two years old
Three cats:
Whiskers: six years old
Mew ???? years old
Cinder -- just over two years old

Recenlty passed away, but not forgotten:
1 cat -- Sashi -- passed away at 14 years old
1 doberman - Harley -- passed away at 5 years old
1 ferret - Casper -- passed away at the ripe old age of 6
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I must say that a lizard and two energetic kittens on sand colored carpet is quite a challenge. Unfortunately, my lizard got out. Also, squirrels and television entertainment centers don't mix to well. Cleo and Zenon are (hopefully) happy with being sisters of the same species. They speak the same language after all!
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Well, aside from the cats...

12 fish and 2 snails
1 2y/o Chilean Rose Tarantula
1 12y/o Quaker parrot
1 7y/o Hahn's Macaw
1 6y/o Lab mix
1 30y/o finace'
and countless dustbunnies of varying ages
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