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We went to get litter this week so I checked

$21.99 for the 17lb (with free 20%)
$32.99 for the 34lb

At PetValu... he thinks thats the same as he paid in Guelph but he hasn't been working up there lately
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I used to use the PC GREEN litter but switched to WBCL because of the larger bags. My cats perfer the PC but I perfer WBCL because of tracking. Since Pc is finer it seemed to get stuck in there paws and went everywhere. Everything else about it was great though. No smells, ok to scoop and light weight.

After reading some of the posts here I email Presidents Choice at work (I work for a Loblaws store) about producing larger bags. Im still waiting for a responce.
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Mine did actually like the PC stuff but with the smaller bags it actually works out more expensive as I get coupons for every 9 bags I buy. There is a fortinos just down the road though so would be a lot easier to get it while I am shopping.

I found 1 place in Oakville that will order in WBCL and sells EVO I think with driving to opposite sides of the city for the litter and food i would be better off going to Oakville - once he calls me back with a price on the litter, the evo is $8 cheaper there!
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I use WBCL for one cat using two litter boxes. I change the litter and sterilize the pan every 4-6 weeks and there is no odor. The deeper you used this litter, the better, as the urine clumps before it has a chance to even hit the bottom of the litter pan. tracking is minimal but I don't have a fussy cat in the least. after her spaying she used shredded paper for a week with out blinking.
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I was using WBCL and liked it. Tried a bag of 'Clump and Fllush' and liked it even better. It's light as a feather, easy to scoop out and there's absolutely no dust. It lasts much longer then WBCL.

I would not use any other kind of litter after trying this 'Clump and Flush'.

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I hadn't heard of this brand so I did a google search. I found a lot of reviews for it, but the only places that are selling it seem to be in the U.K. I wonder if it's even available in the U.S.
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