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Many cat pics

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Since I've been involved to photography (as an amateur of course), animals are among my favourite subjects. Here is a selections of some kitties you might like:

My cousin's cat Alex (4 years old) :

Our maid of honour's cats:
Felix (12 years old) :

Fissen (14 years old):

Typical Greek summer calender pic.
A cat in Aegina (island near Athens):

Some strays at the garden of the Kindergarden where my wife works (They all are so beautiful I wish I had more space at my place, maybe when we move to a bigger house now that we got married):

And one of my artistic ones :

"Hesitation" - The little kitten hesitates while thinking to take the big leap and explore the outside world and leave the security of their shelter.

I hope you liked them. You can find some more at my site

Note : The stray cats are living in the yard of the Kindergarden where they give them food, and made them a covered shelter. The cat on the "Hesitation" pic is the one on the back left of the "strays" pic.

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gorgeous picture in black and white
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Yes I really like the b&w one too!!, excellent photos!
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I LOVE these pics! I'm interested in photography too and these are exceptional!
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Wow. I really love the black and white photo. Its beautiful
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I really like the water drops, and the cats of course.
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I liked "Hesitation", too, but also liked some of those on your site.
Your Collie is beautiful!
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Thank you all very much for your kind comments.

The Collie on my site is called Brenda, she is 11,5 years old (but acts as if she was 3). She belongs to my wife
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Very interesting photos!
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