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Kitty Obedience School/Classes?

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Melody is getting way out of hand this week she was playing with my moms feet which is bad because since she is diabetic and has neuropathy she can't feel in her feet so she was trying to move her away and bit her hard then a few days later she went and peed in the kitchen sink even though her litter was fresh clean, she's also gotten a lot more temperamental than she has ever been. I don't know what to do with her anymore.... so I was thinking of putting her in some behavior classes maybe that would help.... what do you guys think?
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You don't put cats or kittens in obedience school. There is no such thing. You are expecting this kitten/cat to behave like a dog, and she won't. The best thing you can do for this kitten is to first have her spayed and before she is spayed ask the vet to give her a complete checkup and also check for a UTI. Chances are good your kitten/cat is ill.
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^ Yeah good one about the vet, thats true. She could just be a little monkey. They all have different personalities like we do, and maybe like a child would she is just starting to assert hers. She'll calm down with time. She's just being a little kitten and showing her mischevious side!!
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How old is Melody? Do the rest of the family let her play with her feet and expect her to understand that she just cannot play with your mom's feet because she is sick? I am diabetic too and it has been quite a trial with Trjegul because he is a biter and I have thin skin. Since I got him I have never had whole skin on my arms. BUT he is getting much better. I spent three months constantly blowing in his face, telling him NO, tapping his nose and even grabbing him by the nape of the neck (he got very agresive at first) to get him to stop. A friend of mine who used to be a vet tech came by quite often to visit and did the same thing. We did not attempt to play with him by hand. We did eventually learn that he likes to chew on fingers without biting and we let him do that. Now a days he is fine and the only reason I have some small wounds is that I will play with him now that he knows better and he gets carried away. At which point its my fault because if I didn't play with him with my hand he wouldn't get carried away.

Suggest that your mom keep a soft toy with a bell or something by her and if she starts to play with her feet she can throw the toy to distract her. Or she can keep a wand toy nearby and use it to distract her. But the rest of the family must also never let the kitten play with thier feet.
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This is togue in cheek... Kitty training class

cats come ... all the owners moved to there kitties
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^ haha!! Yeah can you imagine.. 'would the owners put the leash on.. themselves!!' My my.. the hardest lesson to learn when having cats is that they own you.. not the other way around. You can own a dog and boss it around but a cat will never salute you!!
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Thanks everyone for your help, i don't expect her to be a dog i am not even that into dogs they kind of freak me out but it's just she is getting out of control!... i will be trying some stuff you guys recomended. thanks again
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Get a coke can and empty it (or an empty pringles can) put some ball bearings in the bottom and duct tape the opening. Give it to your mom and tell her when the kitten is near, to just shake it a little bit. The kitten should scatter.
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