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Miners found alive!

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... we all know what happened.

edited for the real news....
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I just saw this, too!

How relieved so many people must be! My thoughts are with them all.
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That is awesome and an answered prayer!
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ITs amazing...
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This is wonderfull news. I hadn't heard till I just read this post.I really thought the outcome wasn't going to be good. This proves once again miracles do happen!
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12 WV miners have been found alive!!!!!
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I am soo glad they are alive!!! I have been praying for them all day!!!
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Amen! God really does perform miracles
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Isn't it wonderful, can't help but be sad about loosing one, Bless them all
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Hold the horrahs ... now the big news networks are saying it was a mistake and one so far is alive but critical...
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That's what the guy in charge is saying.... one made it out alive....what horrible horrible news
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Brilliant news! After seeing a report on last night's news that they'd found poison gas in the mine, I really thought this story would end in a much worse way. How lovely to hear such good news.

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Tragically, this information was incorrect and premature...http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060104/...mine_explosion.

My thoughts and prayers are with their poor, poor families.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Tragically, this information was incorrect and premature...http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060104/...mine_explosion.

My thoughts and prayers are with their poor, poor families.
OMG! how horrible for the families who recieved the wrong information. our prayers go out to all of them. I don't watch the news or much tv for that fact and didn't really know anything about this till yesterday.
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How sad for these families. On the news this morning one family member was quoted as saying that no hope is better than false hope. They are in my prayers.
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Those poor families. I am aching for them, and cannot imagine the pain they must be enduring.
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What a terrible mistake for the media to release the story before anything was confirmed.

My prayers are with those families. Their pain is unimaginable.
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Tragic...absolutely tragic. Not only that there was only one survivor, but even worse to give them such elation only to dash it later. I don't understand why *some* official didn't come out right away and say that, at least, the miner's health status was still in question? Better that than to give them such false hope, and blame it on "miscommunication". Miscommunication is swapping a number when giving a phone number - not telling people their loved ones are alive when they aren't! I don't blame the families for being furious.
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How horrible. Those poor families. I heard the "good" news last night, and the awful news this morning. It brought me to tears, to think of those poor wives, parents, and kids. The tragedy of losing a loved one would be hard enough, but to go from jubilation to crushing defeat...

I pray for them, that they can somehow find peace though this awful time.
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This whole story makes me so mad!!
They had so many violations and the mines were still open! Why didnt some one step in a shut it down until it was safe to work again? So because the stupid owner(s) didnt want to lose money to fix safety problem he let 11 people die! Some one needs to punish the owrner(s) VERY severly!!
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I also heard the good news last night. And to hear this morning that they had been given the wrong information. Its simply horrid. These poor families. I can not imagine what they must be going through.My heart aches for them.
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I cannot even imagine being those families right now - telling everyone that 12 miners are alive, and then coming back and saying that all 12 are dead - and 1 alive....what pain and suffering those families are going thru right now... I send all my prayers to the miners and their families
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I don't know about the papers where you all live...But all the local papers around here were covering this morning that the miners were alive.....

What an absolutely horrible mistake.....

I agree w/ Heidi...I better not hear the word "Misunderstanding" once.....You can not brush it aside as that when 12 families have just been thrown on such a violent and unnessisary emotional roller coaster....

May the victims RIP...

May the families find peace...

May the only survivor recover...

And may the perpetrator of this misunderstand get whats coming to them....
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I feel so sad for those families
Hearing their loved ones are alive only to find out a few minutes later that they are not. So sad.
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I can't even imagine being those family members and hearing that you loved ones are alive....and then hours later being told that it was false information and that they were all dead.

I send all my prayers to those greiving families and their loved ones who they have lost
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With the tragic outcome of this event, I'll move this to IMO and merge it with the thread in there...
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How shocking, how in the world can this be, how could anyone give that kind of false information, this is a sad thing here. My Heart goes out to everyone involved
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The thing I found interesting about the coverage about this was the fact that there was usually communication with the company and the press... and there was none during the false announcement. No one from the company came out and said anything for 3 hours. CNN, FOX and the others thought that it was really strange. One even started to talk about the company and how that the company was fined, etc. And then this happened... whoa... I don't blame the families lashing out at the company and I sincerely hope there is a federal investigation with charges to be followed up.
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I can't imagine what it must have been like for the surviving families to have their hopes crushed like that. How horribly devastating.
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i heard on the radio that the families are threatening to sue the authorities for telling them their loved ones were still alive.
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