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Poor little Camilla!

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She is a kitty at the HS I volunteer at. She was brought in with 4 other kitties. All the others were very outgoing & adopted quickly. Camilla is very shy & clingy. A family took her home knowing full well that she was a very shy cat & that she needed lots of love & patience. Tonight, Camilla was back. Now, she is a beautiful kitty. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes & a white coat with a blue "dusting". She has a sort of Siamese look to her. She reminds me of Yosemite's Bijou in build & the blue coloring. I don't think I can describe her other than that. When the family brought her back, they were angry that she wasn't affectionte, that she hid in the rafters of the basement. They were told full well that she was literally a scaredy cat. Why did they take her home? Did they leave her hiding in the rafters in their basment for the 3 months they had her? I wish I had been there when they dropped her off. I would have given then an earful.

I want to foster her, but I think our house is too busy for her. Two active dogs, Twitch who is reliving her kittenhood, & Lily nothing but a kitten might be too much for her. It would be different if I was going to be home all of the time, but I start school on Monday & will bo gone in the mornings 3 days a week.
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Awww, sweet Camilla! She is going to need her potential adopters screened, sounds like, if that's possible. Some people just don't get it when they are told that a cat is going to take some patience. I'll bet she is going to be a very lovable girl, once she finds a family willing to give her the chance!!!
She definitely sounds as if she needs to be in a one animal household to help her adjust.
I hope something works out for her soon!!!!
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Poor Camilla!
She sounds exactly like my Buffy, right down to the coloring and the fraidy cat personality. All she would have needed was some patience and understanding. Stupid people, now it will even be harder for her to trust again.
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I am sending prayers and good vibes that the right people for Camilla will come along really, really soon for her.
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If she is a Siamese mix, would a breed rescue,
like Meezers Pleasers help you out with her?

They might be a better choice than HS - since
people going there would be able to appreciate
her better maybe??

Just a thought.
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I will post her webpage. The photo was taken when they first got her in, so it is several months old. She is really much prettier than her picture shows. Her fur is much more blue now. Her fur has darkened. I doubt the HS will transfer her. She is so scared, I don't think she would do well with a transfer at all.

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shes a beuty i hope and pray someone good takes her shes a absolute wee darling vibes to her and you , maybe a older person with no kids she will make someone a great friend some day good luck to u both xxxxxx
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