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Baby Kitten to Big Beautiful Cat Thread

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Sarah's thread with the pics of Sunday as a itty bitty kitty and as the beautiful big girl she's grown into made me want to see other kitties like that. Baby pics, and grown up pics.

I'll start.

Here is my Baby Girl, Ophelia. She came to us (she was trapped between the walls of our apartment building) at 6 weeks old, petrified, being well raised by her feral mama cat:

And then Trent came into the picture after we thought we lost her one day. He was 8 weeks old:

And Trent was immediately Ophelia's doting big brother:

And they grew up, but not apart. Ophelia insists that the snuggle almost every day.

Ophelia has become a very pretty girl, though still a petite little thing:

And Trent is my big boy, a total lovey kitty, but with a lot of kitten in him still:

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Oh my! Look how they've grown into big beauties!
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WOW!!! Trent is AMAZINGLY like Sunday! Maybe they were related in a past life???

They are just beautiful!

My other two didn't change that much from kittenhood to adulthood. Sashka is still tiny, but I'll show anyway...lol lol

Sashka at six weeks - smaller than my shoe (and I have small feet!)

Sashka now:

Cairo at eight weeks (only photo I have at hand):

And Cairo now - she has grown an awful lot but it's hard to see in these pics

Sunday still takes the cake for the biggest transformation though!
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Wow, Trent and Sunday look so alike!!!
Haha, I didn't see you already said that Sarah!
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Gordito, 8 weeks old at the July 1st (Canada Day) adoption marathon in 2004. He was adopted that day but returned to me 3 weeks later.

Gordito now at 1.5 years old.

Baby Poptart.. 5 weeks old.. a week after he and Gordito came into my care. He was so sick with the Upper Respitory infection that we thought he was going to die.. you can see the goobers on his nose and around his eyes in this pic.

Poptart, 8 weeks old at the Canada Day adoption marathon in the park with his brother.

Poptart now, at 1.5 years old.

I can't find any pics of Nacho or Orion when they were babies.. but once I find them I will post
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Awwwwwww, I love this thread!!! And what beautiful babies here so far!!!

I'll start with Lilo....

Here she is with her "Im a new momma smile"

OKay and now Garfield....

And as my BIG "Little Man"...in the first pic you can see how big his body is...

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And for Little Petals....first pic is with her sister Spicy

And now (still little, but bigger) LOL

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I'll have to dig out more baby pictures, but here are the "Kitten-nino's", also known as the Blues Kittens: Left to right - Muddy Waters, Elwood, Koko Taylor, Jake. Muddy and Koko live with me and Jake/Elwood live with friends in the Denver area. This picture was taken the day after their mom was killed and we had started bottle feeding them. I believe their eyes opened up this day.

Muddy and Koko on their 2nd birthday earlier this year:

Jake, waiting for the football game:

Elwood, getting "Eltitude":
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Here are Oscar (smallest), Spanky (middle sized) and Billie (black) a few weeks after they wandered up to my house - they had coccidia so bad and were in isolation for a few months before we adopted out Billie and couldn't part with Oscar and Spanky. Oscar was about 4 weeks old, Spanky 8 weeks old and Billie about 4 months old when someone obviously dumped them by my house:

Oscar a bit older - he loves his mom:

Spanky, before he lost weight - yes, he really enjoys his food:

And here is Stumpy, probably a few weeks after we found him in our storm cellar with his tail chopped off at about 4 weeks old. We suspect his mom was Blackie (a feral), but never saw her going in and out to take care of him. We found him when a crate fell on his tail, chopping half of it off and he started screaming. I picked him up, brought him in the house, placed him on hubby's chest and he curled up in a ball and fell asleep. Steve's comment: "he's a keeper!":

Stumpy, 10 years later and king of the house:
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What wonderful pictures!!!!
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Harley at about a little over 8-10 weeks old when we got him
He was so tiny!!

And now- 6 months later- my big boy!

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What gorgeous pictures! I don't have many baby pics of my two, that was before Santa brought the digital camera.

Here's Lucky at about 8 weeks old. I found her when she was 4 weeks old and had just missed being hit by the car in front of me!

And here she is now...my furprincess!

And here's Rambo after i brought him home from the shelter (~8weeks)

And here's my big boy now...almost 1 year old.

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So many precious cuties!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Harley at about a little over 8-10 weeks old when we got him
He was so tiny!!

And now- 6 months later- my big boy!

Harley is such a hunk.
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Thanks, I think so too
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I absolutely adore this thread.
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I love the baby and big kitty pictures!! They've all grown up to be such gorgeous and healthy kitties!

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This tread is so adorable!

Here is Teuf:



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no baby pix of Pixel or Mouse - no camera at the time
but here's Cable, first weekend at the house

and most recent 'studio' pic

Java, her first nite

most recent pic

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Scarlett with her brother Twinkletoes. Twinkletoes and sister Maggie were adopted out and I don't have any adult pictures of them. They were orphaned just shy of 3 weeks old and was our first bottle fed litter. This was an odd litter - Scarlett was half the size of her siblings as a baby - she and Maggie grew up to be in the 7 pound range and brother Twinkletoes blossomed to an 18 pounder.

Scarlett all grown up - the undisputed queen of the house:

What is it with long haired red females ruling the roost?
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I know, your like again with the dogs, jeez! I hope no one minds Mr. Willy's before and after pics. I don't have any kitten pics of Chichi, that are digital anyway, and Murphy is still a baby so I don't have the after shots so Willy is all I have at the moment

Cute little baby Willy:

And now, Big monster Willy!!!!!!

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Aw, I love seeing pics of Willie! Especially as a wee pup - he reminds me so much of a dog we had who was also 1/2 pit (except she was black with a white patch on her chest, and white toes). But his little face reminds me so much of Felicia.
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Cleo and Alex then (they were so cute with food on their faces):

Now they're two and a half years old.
Here's Cleo. She loves to stretch in funny positions.

Here's Alex. He loves his boxes.
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Originally Posted by MusicTeacher
Cleo and Alex then (they were so cute with food on their faces)
Mommy's little piggies!! Too cute!

Renny, I keep going back to look at that baby picture of Lucky. Gosh, was she CUTE! And she's grown up into such a pretty girl (princess) too.
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Heres my baby girl Rosie aged approx 9 weeks old

And here she is 3 years later...

And my little baby Sophie aged 8 weeks old

And a year later...

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Wow, these are all so super precious!
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Sweet baby Sierra!

Precious little Serenity!

Both forever my little bitty babies!

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