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My darling Sunday's thread!

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Thought I'd post a thread dedicated to my sweet Sunday! She is the most darling kitty I've ever had. Max and I were talking last night about how she is the MOST affectionate, loving, sweet, angel girl we've ever known. She just lives for cuddles and will love you to death if you let her!

Sunday at six weeks old - fresh from the shelter.

She was the tiniest little thing!

And VERY shy...

And look at her now!

She has blossomed into such a beautiful girl

With the sweetest face

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Sunday was such a gorgeous little kitten (although I may be biased because my Trent looked a lot like Sunday when they were both babies), and has blossomed into a beautiful cat!
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She loves showing her belly!

And she'll cuddle ANYTHING!

I just LOVE her so!
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Aw Sarah, what a beautiful girl she is...funny how a shaggy little kitten like she was, can turn into such a striking adult!
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Thank you Heidi!! It's easy to be biased when they're all so sweet and lovin', isn't it??

And yes, Shannon - she also had this permanently startled, worried expression as a kitten, I would never have thought she would turn into such a mellow, lovely cat!
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She has really become a stunning princess!!

Awesome Pics.
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Hokey PETE! Okay, I LOVE seeing pictures of kittens who have grown into beautiful big cats. And WOW! Sunday was such a teeny-tiny little squirt and now she is AMAZING!! Her fur is so THICK and SHINY! WOW! I am in awe of her!!
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Aww thanks Wenzee!
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
Aww thanks Wenzee!
My pleasure! It is SO clear that your home has been VERY good for her!!
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What a fuzzy wuzzy as a kitten! And such a beautiful girl now!!!
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She WAS a fuzzy wuzzy wasn't she?? I have some video footage (or, my ex-husband does) of her walking across our kitchen floor the day we got her. She was like a little black spider, so completely tiny and fluffy and cute! She literally fit into one of his hands.
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awwww what a cutie I am definately in love with your cat!
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OOOooooOooo... I black cats!!! Ecspecially Sunday!
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In her picture now she looks a lot like a cat I used to have! Mine was called Baby! She is georgous!!!
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She's beautiful, like a teddy bear
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Ohhh!!!!! She is soo pretty!!! What a looker!
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