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Any Heloise hints for this?????

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I just discovered that the odor in my closet was NOT coming from the litterbox (I changed it first) but from a pair of leather cowboy boots that have been saturated in cat urine!!!!!!!

I don't know if they will ever be free of the odor - I don't mind the discoloration, polish will take care of that, but the smell is horrendous. What can I do???????
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I have found that if I can't throw it in the washer, it goes in the trash.
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I was afraid you were gonna say that, Deb!!

I guess I'll do my best with vinegar/Nature's Miracle, and if it doesn't help I'll toss 'em. I shouldn't be too disappointed - they are 5 years old

Edited to add: Thanks Hissy - I'll give 'em a shot.
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My experience with Zero Odor wasn't as good as I hoped it would be..... (sorry, MA)
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You might be able to soak them in Nature's Miracle...but I have a feeling that they aren't ever going to be the same. Sorry....if it makes you feel any better my dear departed Mr. Bo Jangles peeed and pooed inside of one of my tennis shoes because he was upset over a small cross country car trip which was from Oklahoma to Florida to Chicago to Ohio and then back to Oklahoma. He sure showed me! I tried to wash those tennis shoes but the smell would not go away.
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That sucked. Yeah, try throwing it to the washer.
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Ikes! I'm sorry... you know my solution... Simply Green and hydrogen peroxide... although if it's leather it might not come out.
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Last month Ox had peed on the kitchen counter and my leather Coach purse soaked some of the urine up. I took everything out and lightly rinsed with water, then saturated with one of the enzyme products. I placed by wood stove to dry. It does not smell. I can stick it in front of the cat's noses and they might smell something but I do not (I just checked it for smell a couple of minutes ago. Think of leather shoes get soaking wet in the snow or rain-they dry-you just don't want a water mark to show. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Deb25
I have found that if I can't throw it in the washer, it goes in the trash.
i threw away a pair of leather sandals that someone threw up way to get it off & have them still look decent. & they didn't smell - i'd trash 'em.
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Well they're 5 years old so what are you waiting for? In the bin they go.
This calls for an all-out shoe shopping spree!!
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i think its time for a new pair
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OK now....and this may not work...but it is worth a try.
Don`t laugh....but go and buy some of that yellow douche powder (YES! I did say "DOUCHE POWDER!) Make a paste out of it and rub it on them and let it set awhile......maybe even take some rags and saturate them with it too...not sopping wet though if you think it will hurt the boots....(of course it won`t be like this is the first time they have ever been WET!)...and shove the rags down into the boots. Rinse however much you think they need and dry however it is that you dry boots. Polish and mink oil them and let me know if it worked.
(We bought a used freezer once that had belonged to a fisherman. He`d been gone a few days ONE HOT SUMMER and the electric had gone out....he could`nt get the smell out and it grossed him out so bad that he wanted to get rid of it....we bought a really nice freezer for $50....and the douche powder trick worked wonderfully) ....STOP LAUGHING!!!
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