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My Kitten Is So Scared.....

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I have a 8 month old kitten who was acting like a normal kitten until yesterday. I was knitting and the yarn I was using scared her, We tried to show her that it was not a harmful thing but that only made it worse. Right now she is afraid of everthing, she tries to investigate common objects in the house by streaching herself out so much, so that she is not near the item, then she will back up real slow until a comfortable distace for her and she turns and runs. She will not play and I can get her to "trust an object (like a pair of gloves) and 15 minutes later she is afraid of it again and we start all over. It is like she has panic attacks.I should say that this kitten came to us when she was about 6 weeks old, through the woods by herself, a true wild cat that we caught and brought into the home. Does anyone have any ideas how to help this panicing kitten?
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Oh, poor little girl! It is hard when they get so panicked about something we see as inconsequential, but we just can't explain it to them. That happened to my little feral girl, who we also found/rescued at about 6 weeks old, when hubby decided to move something next to where she was sleeping. We just tried to go about our business, maintain the same routine - cats, and especially ferals, LOVE routine. They live by routine. It makes them feel safe and secure. It took Ophelia a couple days to calm down and get back to normal (she was around 4 when this happened), but she did because everything around her returned to normal, or at least as normal as we could make it.
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I agree. rather than prodding her just leave things alone, stick to regularity and she will come round. saturday my kitten was acting restless, weird, acting drunk and yowling. I was really worried. The next day she was her mellow little self again. tonight she is freaking herself out chasing shadows. Just stay consistent.
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