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Morning Vomiting

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For some reason my oldest cat, 6 years has been throwing up only in the mornings about three hours after she eats. I haven't changed her food, same snacks and free feed dry. She doesn't vomit after her evening feedings. Normal behavior, litterbox and play behavior. I did change her food about two days worth to see if she vomited, yep, she did so I know it wasn't that her food was disagreeing with her tummy.

I called the tech at my vet's office and she didn't seem to think there is a problem.

Any ideas why she is doing this, nothing in her daily behavior has changed.
Thanks for all your time!
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I would call a second vet///
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Do you think this could be a hairball issue. I have been reading about hairball/vomiting and wonder if I could give her a bit of mineral oil, vaseline or pumpkin?
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It could be a hairball, but you said you talked to a vet TECH, I would ask to speak to the vet him/herself. While we techs are very very smart we don't know everything, and maybe the vet can assist you better. If it's a hairball, I'd use Cat lax or a similar brand.
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Just thought I could get a start on the hairball issue with a small bit of vaseline tonite until I could get to the store tomorrow!

Thanks for your replies!
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does she gulp down the food in the mornings maybe because shes very hungrey?

gulping it down fast might account for the vomiting
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nope, eating is normal!
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Try elevating her food bowl, and instead of a bowl give her a cookie sheet (elevated) with the kibble spread out on it. Keep the water in the same room, but not real close to the food.
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