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If you scoop daily.....

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I use Tidy Cats scoopable litter and I scoop daily. How often do you actually have to dump the whole litter,wash out the pan and refill? I have two 4-5 month old kittens using it and a basement litter box.
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Everybody's different, but I think it depends on the cats - if they dig furiously and break up the clumps, the dirty litter will mix with the clean & it will need to be changed relatively frequently. If the clumps stay clumped, you can spot-clean the box and stretch out the litter. This page (click here) gives good instructions for that.
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with clay I did a full change every week or two ... now it is every three to four
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Originally Posted by sharky
with clay I did a full change every week or two ... now it is every three to four
pray tell what do you use!!!!! i would love to be able to change less!!
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I scoop several times a day (14 cats is why) But I don't change the litter out except for once every two weeks. Because I use stall dry, I find that I don't have the odor problem I do with regular clay litter
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What is stall dry?
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I change completely every 3-4 weeks, and use scooping litter- arm & Hammer, tidy cats, fresh step or exquiscat from petsmart.
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I scoop every morning and do a complete clean out every 2 weeks, that is with one cat though. With 2 cats you might have to do it more often.... Once they get a bit older you might consider getting a 2nd box.
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We scoop every day and lately have been changing the boxes every 2-3 weeks
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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis
pray tell what do you use!!!!! i would love to be able to change less!!
I use something called natural harmony.... it is like feline pine with alfalfa pellets added ... it is semi scoopable
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We use World's Best and I scoop daily (sometimes twice per day) and add a cup or 2 of new every couple of days. I completely dump and clean the box and put in all new litter about once per month. The litters are in our bedrooms and we don't have an odour problem.
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When the litter and/or the box is visibly dirty. If a relatively freshly changed box is dirties by someone pooping against the side, then I might just dump the litter into a new box rather than throw out nearly new litter. But generally I dump and scrub one box a day, which puts my smaller litterboxes on about a 7-10 day rotation and the massively huge boxes (as in the 3'x2'x2' storage boxes) on about a 3 week rotation.
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man with our adult 4 cats, we use Arm and Hammer multicat scoopable litter. works great and keeps odor down. but we scoop once at night. and once in the morning.

- .D.
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I have two boxes for one cat - keep them in a guest room shower stall. world's best litter is the brand. scoop twice a day . no odor. dump and clean everything out once a month. no smell. kitty seems happy. so are the humans.

P.S. I keep my litter deep so urine doesn't get to the bottom very often.
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Okay,Thanks for all the ideas. It had been a month since I've totally dumped and cleaned and I will have to say,it was still in good shape but I felt that I needed to. Now at least I have a gauge!
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I can't stand the thought of my cats walking around in their own waste so I scoop once a day and completely change and scrub their boxes every 2-3 days.
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I scoop once or twice a day and change the entire litter/clean the box every 11-12 days even though the litter I use (Cat Country) suggests every two to four weeks. I feel the need to change it sooner. My boy likes a very clean box.
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what about those "crystal" litters? any good?
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Originally Posted by BoscoNYC
what about those "crystal" litters? any good?
I tried cystal litter but the idea of it trapping pea and I cant see how much is there disturbs me ...
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i scoop 2-3 times a day, and usually dump & scrub the litter boxes every 2-4 weeks. i actually have to do all 4 of our boxes this weekend because we were out of town for a few days, and the boxes got kind of icky. we had a sitter, but the litter just didn't seem to clump as well.
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I scoop everytime someone does a poop (3 or 4 times a day) because although theres no odour from the litter, fresh poop stinks our house out.
We usually change the whole litter and scrub the box once it turns from white to grey. Usually every 3 days or so. I did it Tuesday morning and it needs doing tonight when I get in. I wouldnt walk about in my own stuff so I dont expect them to either. Sleeves will also cry his little head off if he needs to poop and the litter is too dirty.
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I have one cat that doesnt care about the dirtyness of his box, and one cat that WILL NOT go in the litterbox if there is a hint of poop in it.

So...I scoop once a day(all 3 litter boxes) and change and clean completly every week or so.

Works great, it took me a long time to figure out how I was going to deal with my "pretty kittys" preferences, but I have it under control now, and no more smelly days for me!

I use Tidy cats "small spaces" because I live in a small place and that seems to work great!!!
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Just started using Super Scoop today, a product by Arm & Hammer that clumps, low dust, low odor. So far it is great. I plan on scooping daily and changing once weekly which is what I did before.
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How often you completely change the litter very much depends on the litter itself. A non-clumping litter has to be changed at least once a week. A coarse clumping litter probably should be changed every 1 or 2 weeks, while a very fine clumping litter may be good for 2 to 4 weeks.
I tried the crystal litter (both the irregularly shaped and the round), and Jamie hated both. He not only scratched all of it out of his box, but down the hall and the steps, which must have taken hours.
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hi i change my litter every 2-3 days i feel its mells after that i use srt of grain litter iv also tried wood litter but didnt make a diffrnce and the crystals where very expensice for a little bag i got 2 uses from
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I basically scoop every time there is poo. My kitties poop once a day so and I clean pretty much right after they'd done their job. I use wood stove pellets for my litter and LOVE it! You don't get the icky smell or the icky crap with other clay litters. I've tired various litters and the wood stove is the best. The pee just dissolves the pellets and you simply scoop out the good pellets and toss the dissolved pellets outside as mulch b/c it's made with trees!

I am using world's best as I got a free sample but it doesn't mask smells...and I'm slowly switching that over to Nature's Miracle that also has a pine smell. My male Persian doesn't care for the wood stove pellets all the time so I had to add another box and litter for just him.

I hope I made sense...I'm really distracted and having a hard time focusing today. *sigh*
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We have two cats, and two boxes. They are covered (because PJ has peeing over the side issues), and they are gigantic. We also use LOTS of litter, and probably change out the pan itself every month, and scrub out the tops since sometimes PJ's pee will end up on the back.

They don't seem to care at all about any type of smell in the box (it doesn't really smell, we mix baking soda with the fine tidy cats litter); it's if there's stuff in there, Teddy gets annoyed. Usually he'll wait until right after I scoop it clean to go do his thing. We scoop 3-4 times a day, however many times it needs it. Whenever there's something in there, unless it's freshly put there, we scoop it. Nothing sits in the box for long if we're home.
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