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obsessive licking

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My cat is about 8 months old, but I didn't get it until last month. When I first got it it didn't really lick itself too much, but now every time I see it, it is licking itself. Forgive my ignorance, because I don't know if this much licking is normal. Also, it has some bald spots on it's fur that weren't there before.
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Cats do take baths quite often, but I am concerned about the bald spots. Has your cat been to the vet recently? Something liek this coudl be caused by an allergic reaction or by pain.
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I think you should take your kitty to the vet first to rule out any bugs or skin conditions and/or painful problems that might be causing obsessive licking.

If that doesn't turn up anything my second thought would be a feliway plugin. If you just got your kitty then she/he(?) might be stressed out by the move and the new space and be showing this stress by licking. The plugins and the spray are available online, in Petsmart or perhaps through your vet. Here's their homepage.


The last suggestion... my cat does this too and I belive it's caused by an allergy to her food. I have the feliway plugin and I feed her "Wellness" food, an all organic mix. It's been an uphill road with her but the plug in and new food seems to be helping.

Good luck and keep us updated on what happens!
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My Seamus obsessively groomed himself too. He'd give himself sores, he'd lick so much. The vet finally said that he had food allergies. After changing his diet (to Royal Canin for allergens), we've seen improvement. He still grooms himself and the other animals, but not to the extent that he's had any more sores.
Good luck with your kitty.
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