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Knocks things down

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My male cat has always had a thing for knocking stuff off of high places. He loves to sit on top of our entertainment center, stare at me, knock something down and then look at me before jumping off. He does it on the counter also. I recently discovered where half my daughters blocks, sippy lid and other things have gone...under the fridge! Is there anything I can do to get him to stop? I do think it's cute...but it's starting to get annoying losing things.
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Clear off a top shelf and make it his. Secure a nice cat bed up there, and just allow him to be high. Or invest in a cat condo, cats like to get off the floor and survey their domain.
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Also, move your objects off the shelves he enjoys the most and put a deterrant there, like double-stick tape or tinfoil so he won't go there. When he learns to avoid the shelf you can put the stuff back.

I found that my boys wouldn't attempt to climb or jump on skinny or shallow bookshelves, so you might move your items to one of those. Another option is one of those display amoires (I forget what they're really called) with the clear cabinets or if it's not decorative find a bin or something similar to put it in.

Also, since he likes knocking stuff off, you can replace things with his toys that he can drop to his heart's content.
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I call this behaviour "gravity experiments". Just before I read this thread, my 6 month old boy starting knocking a plastic cap off the computer desk. The only thing I can suggest that hasn't been is to give your cat plenty of intriguing toys. Sometimes they grow out of it.. I don't know how old your cat is though.
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Zoey does this to get attention usually let me out mom...
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Do you have more than one cat? Twitch never knocked things down(execpt with her tubby tummy ) before we got Lily. Now, when she gets up on shelver, counters, etc. she knocks things down. Why? Because Lily is on the floor waiting to pounce on it. Apparently they get a kick out of knocking things off high places & chasing them around the house.
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Theo knocks lighters off tables. My ex boyfriend used to smoke, and Theo was obviously trying to get him to quit cos everytime his lighter was put on the table, Theo would jump up, knock it to the floor and scoot it under the settee.. one of the funniest things i've ever seen... nothing else would be knocked off the table, and the cigarettes could stay.. he knew thats what made them light!!
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He's a little over a year old. When we got him, we were told he was eight weeks. But he was pretty big for an 8 week old. He's been doing it since then just about. He LOVES to take my daughters blocks, legos, sippy lids..anything really..and knock them under the fridge. He hasn't broken anything yet. But trying to find things is making me crazy. We have a two year old Cat, Molly. She was a little over a year when we brought him home. She use to love jumping on top of the cabinets in our old place and yell to get help getting down.
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Heehee ! My cats climb into open kitchen cabinets, and then you have to be careful if you shut them b/c- there could be a cat in there!! So far we have had only one who was in there for long enough to let us know he wanted out! I think they do grow out of these silly behaviours.. though my oldest is only 2 1/2 and can get up to no good.
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One of mine started pushing my stuff off the high bookshelves at night. They knocked over a lava lamp, but fortunately it, nor any of the other stuff from my many collections crammed into my bookcases was damaged. It used to happen once in awhile, but since we got the new, as yet unnamed and of indertiminate sex kitty, it is almost every night. It is really beginning to make me mad. I took most of the stuff off the tops, and whoever it was has been a little better. I think Pepper is the main culprit. She climbed to the top of my tv, a BIG no no, and pushed a carved woodsprite to the floor while I was looking right at her. Then Scooter grabbed a brass bell off the lower shelf, and started swinging it around by its ribbon, ringing the bell. They are such brats. I think the new kitty may be a bad influence on my perfect darlings!
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Molly likes to hide in cupboards. (Mainly cause she's trying to nest away from Kitty and our daughter.) For the longest time, Kitty didn't know how to open cabinets. So she'd get away with alone time. He learned how to open them a few weeks ago. Drives me insane. I wake up in the middle of the night to him trying to open it for God knows how long. We have our door clsed at night and Molly sleeps with us. He sleeps with our 1 year old on her bed. If not, he'd run around our room all night, claw at the bed and Molly's nest box. He still thinks he's the baby in the family. I love him to death even though he's a handful.
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