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Lost a tree

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This morning when taking China to the creek, there was a large tree down. We naturally thought it was because of the storm and high winds, but further investigation revealed that we have beavers. They have been working on this tree for some time to fell it across our creek. Since it was across from the creek to begin with, we didn't notice all the chewing taking place at the bottom. They are protected in our state, so there is nothing we can do as they now go about creating a pond in our creek. I personally think it is kind of cool and hope that China doesn't discover them working out there one night-
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That is kinda cool! (china be good and leave the beavers alone). When I read the title the first thing I thought was "How do you lose a tree" lol
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I live real close to a creek-the trees are re-growing (again) from the beavers chewing them down so I suppose its time for them to get re-chewed!!
Our creek is shallow except for by the bridge when its about 8 ft or so.
Beaver dams are cool-except you know I have that "neighbor"-well his property runs along the creek-need I say more??
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Beavers are cool --- until they build a dam across your spillway because apparently they think there's too much water going over it , and then increase the height because there's still water going over it, until they manage to raise the level of the lake by about 2 feet thereby flooding the banks and making half the lake inaccessable unless you're into serious mountain climbing. I battled those beavers for months tearing the dam down until they either a) moseyed a bit too slowly across the road between the lakes or b) the neighbor who owned the lake across said road had lost one too many valuable ornamental trees (they seemed to have a real sweet tooth for dogwoods.)
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The only time I have seen a beaver is in the Chronicles of Narnia! Not really. Shortly after we got Macey she tried to kill one when we were on a walk in the neighbor's pasture. Must've scared the poor thing away, because I haven't seen him since. Darn Macey & her hunting, kill everything that moves instinct! What breed is China?

We have been losing trees, but they are falling due to the rain that freezes overnight. Of course, they land on power lines.
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I have to agree that this is really cool! I'm also glad the tree wasn't closer to the house!!!!
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My grandfather was a real outdoorsman - he ran a hunting lodge. The coolest thing I ever remember him doing for us was the time he intentionally smashed a corner of a beaver dam, and then took us back at night to watch them fix it. It was truly awe inspiring.
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LOL MA! Have you brushed up on your caring for orphaned beaver skills?
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We found their den this morning! It is truly remarkable, and I need to put my waders on and go take a photo of it. It is tucked back in the woods, and perfectly concealed in the brush. (China found it actually). We also pulled the tree back off the creek. We had to, if they damn it up in that area, the flooding would do major damage to century old trees as well as to our back neighbors home. I talked to fish and game, and they are protected, they are the state animal- but we can try and persuade them to go elsewhere. I'm all for a big pond, but I don't want these trees to fall over and hit the other homes.
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Looking forward to the pic.
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I'm not here much anymore so I just have to ask:

Who on earth is China??????? Do you have a new horse?
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Hi Lorie-

No China is our new white german shepherd pup- She is 6 months old and goes to get spayed on Monday.

I will put a pic of her up here- but first here is the beaver's work. The den picture didn't turn out, it just looks like a lot of limbs and nothing else.

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Thanks Hissy!!! I just love white German Shepards they're so pretty, and China is waaaay too precious!!!!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Hi Lorie-

No China is our new white german shepherd pup- She is 6 months old and goes to get spayed on Monday.

I will put a pic of her up here- but first here is the beaver's work. The den picture didn't turn out, it just looks like a lot of limbs and nothing else.
China's getting to be quite the big girl !

If you've got any trees next that creek that you particularly want to keep, you'll need to put something around them. They're also really bad about doing a salad bar sort of thingie --- a bite here, a few bites there, I think I'll just girdle this one --- . Assuming your PNW beavers act the same as our Southern variety in any case. Although interestingly enough, ours tend to make burrows into creek/lake banks rather than what is traditionally thought of as a beaver lodge.

Because they dropped that tree there doesn't necessarily mean they were planning on a dam there although of course you were right to move it in any case as it will catch debris. I sincerely believe they drop trees for "a rainy day" as I would see many trees dropped that were never touched again. I would also see trees that they would get 2/3 of the way through and then just leave it. Guess they decided it wasn't up to par after all .
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We are going to call in a State Trapper. He will live trap the family (there are three of them) and relocate them to a less populated area. They won't do this during breeding season, but thankfully it isn't beaver breeding season. (Now why did that just sound dirty?) DON'T answer that!
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Living in Australia we don't have beavers. Thanks for the photos! It is so wonderful you have this experience to remember! I hope all goes well.
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[quote=hissy]We are going to call in a State Trapper.[quote]

Is that anything like a State Trooper?

Sorry, I couldn't resist....
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