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Cat Calendar

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My Page A Day cat calendar has a little tid bit of information for each day. I thought I would share today's because I found it very interesting.............

Write or Left

It is said that a cat named Sizi was responsible for Dr. Albert Schweitzer's becoming ambidextrous. The doctor was originally left-handed, but because Sizi would fall asleep on his left arm, he began to write prescriptions with his right hand in order not to distrub her.
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I understand that! God forbid we disturb the precious furries when they're sleeping!
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move and draw back a bloody stump!!!!:tounge2: :laughing2 :laughing2
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Sabra - I have the same calendar sitting on my desk!

I don't know how many times I have put off things I really should have been doing because I had a kitty sleeping on me. I've eaten cold dinners so I wouldn't disturb Trent!
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I usually miss the last 15 minutes of whatever I'm watching when I go to bed, because Pearl only likes to cuddle one way, in the middle of the bed, next to my tummy. I have to turn my back to the tv for that. She will stay almost exactly 15 minutes, then she's off to play.
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Hahahah!! This thread reminds me of my hubby, who uses the excuse that he doesn't want to disturb Merlin, who is laying on his lap, so I have to get up and get him something to drink, eat, etc.... :laughing:
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In my house, when I was growing up, you only had to say you were being 'cat' upon and it got you out of doing all sorts of things! My father was the worst one for that ...
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Isn't there a story about Buddha, as a young man, sitting down to do something and a cat fell asleep on the hem of his robe (kimono?). Rather than disturbing the animal, he cut off the bottom of the robe.
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Actually, it was Mohammed. He awoke from a nap, to find his favorite cat, sleeping on the sleeve of his robe. Rather than disturb the cat, he cut off the sleeve. I'm too much of a clothes horse, for that. Besides, when I sleep, I'm have no sleeves (or anything else) on!
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See, as soon as I get out of that Judeo-Christian perspective, I'm lost lost lost . . .
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At least Islam has a good cat story with it! LOL One thing that is seriously lacking in Christianity! (Not trying to be sacreligious or anything...everyone has a right to their religion)
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Actually, cats are not mentioned, even once, in the Bible. Lions, lambs, dogs, oxen, asses, etc. but no cats.
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Considering the Egyptian fascination with feline and that goddedss (Bastet? Pasht? something like that) it's hardly surprising . . .
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