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new years tail damage

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hello everyone,
my cat Frenchie came home on new years day with a big bump on her mid-tail. It hurts when I touch it and she growls when she is grooming the area. There is a big ornery tomcat in our building who Frenchie grew up with named Spitzers who really loves to beat her up and I saw him chasing her earlyer in the day. Does anybody think he could have bit her tail?
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Its possibly from the tom...or it could be a million other things....

My concern however is that she is visibly showing pain from it....Cats are experts at hiding their pain...so my concern is that if she is in that much pain, then it must really hurt....and is most likely infected....

I would definitly get her to the vet ASAP.......
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I agree, she needs to see her Vet immediately.
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This lump could be an abscess forming, which means Frenchie is fighting an infection. To help her beat this infection, a vet visit would be wise. He will (if this is an abscess) open it up, drain it, give kitty a shot and send home pills. While she is on the antibiotics, it is important that you keep her inside your home until she has finished all the pills. Who knows, maybe at the end of the few weeks, she won't want to go outside again and can stay inside where she is much safer.
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She should definitely see a vet. There could be any number of things going on, all of which are very treatable but she does need medical attention.
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