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Update on Kitties

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You may remember me i was ava112 i think i told you about my cat mystique having 2 beatiful kittens.They are now 6 weeks old and doing fantastic they are pretty much litter trained and did their first poop a few days ago
Oh also its 2 boys really wanted a girl but never mind at least we wont have to worry about them getting pregnant and yes I will get them fixed.

Still havent named them Yet so please tell me which name you like best it was origanally Noah and Preston but each day something new comes up here are the choises

Tabby Blackie

Noah Preston
T.J"Tyler Junior" B.J "something B junior
Levi Jett
Joseph"Joey" James
Casen Parker

Please help I want to name them ASAP so they can get used to it!!

Anyway here are some semi-recent pics

Pic#1:Tabby about a week and a half ago
Pic#2:Blacki on boxing day- we do watch him when he is around cables if we cant we take him away
Pic#3:Tabby yesterday

Sorry so big

also the kittes are right now on the little bit before the stairs the gate is shut so they cant go anywhere is that safe??

Thanks alot

p.s my friends recently bought a 11week old british shorthair they mentioned for the last 2 or 3 poops they have seen blood they told me if it happens again they will call the lady they got it of who can call the breeder i was thinking if there was even an ounce of blood in more than 1 of my kitties poops i would taker him/her to the vet ASAP.
What do you think
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What beautiful kitties!!!!
That black one makes me want to "fluff" its hair!

About your friends cats.... please tell him/her to get them to a vet. It could be anything. and blood in the poop is most often Coccidia (an intestinal parasite) that can and WILL kill if not taken care of ASAP!

Please keep us updated on these BEAUTIFUL babies!!
Also on your friends' babies!
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