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Gonna be seeing more of me again.

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Well, Jake has just left this afternoon to go back to the states. I am sad and missing him already but I have to think positive that it is only 4 1/2 months before he returns, and this time for good.

I had a dream the other day that I needed to go apply at polytech this year and do something with my time, so tomorrow I am going to go when it reopens and apply to do my national diploma in science and then work out what field I would like to work in. Gotta listen to my dreams aye Well, actually, I dreamed I couldnt get in, and that strengthened my resolve to try anyway. So wish me luck that I am not too late to apply, as courses start in february.

The work at NZ Post is great, the boss has offered me a casual position which is basically working on call. And has told me that I can apply for a permanent position when one becomes available. So that sounds promising, esepcially since I work in the evenings and I can attend school during the day.

My time with Jake was wonderful. He had a great time in NZ - my dad took him on a 14 hour drive to the west coast - he is the kind of guy who will take the longer, scenic route. We also went to one of my favourite towns, Akaroa, its gotten so popular with the rich people, it is still as charming as it was before, but not so much now that they have added all these 'chic' cafes. I just hate it when that happens.

I have not had time to go through all the threads, I have missed so much over the past few weeks, but those who need vibes, have them from me, those who need positive thoughts, have them from me, and heres a hug for anyone who needs it

And I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and a great new years eve/day.

And may 2006 be a wonderful and prosperous year for youse all!
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Good to see you back Kellye. Your piggy avatar must have been getting restless.
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Welcome back, Kellye. I'm glad to hear that Jake's visit was a success, and that things are going well for you on the job front. Good luck with getting into the school!
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How wonderful to have you back, Kellye! Sure do look forward to seeing you around much more often! Congratulations on following your dreams and returning to school!
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Hi Kellye! you always are missed here!
Welcome back my friend!!! ......
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It sucks when you miss somebody. I am sorry. Well, 4 1/2 months is not that long. You would even know it went by.
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Welcome back! Good to see you again!
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Yay! Hi Kellye!
on missing Jake. At least it's for a short time this time, and by the sounds of it you'll be keeping yourself too busy for mooching around!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back Kellye! Nice to see you!
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You must have had a great time finally spending time with Jake. And just think, the next time you see him in NZ it will be on a permanent basis with all your family in one place!

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*picks you up and dances accross the room*
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Hi and Welome back! Goodluck with school! DH is going back soon so we're into that stuff right now too.
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Hi Kellye! Good to see you! Hope this year brings you wonderful things!
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