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Our daily thread - Friday March 16

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for not being here yesterday, but I'm going over the forums now!

My in-laws came back from India yesterday (as my sweet Alpha told you last night). We listened to India stories the whole night!!! That was so fascinating!

But at some point or other I practically fell asleep and went to bed.

They are amazing folks. Both are senior citizens (his dad is 73 and his mom is 67) and they went backpacking in India for 2 months! I couldn't have done it and I'm 40 years younger!

Sandie, congratulate your husband for me and wish him a very happy birthday ! How's he feeling these days?

Have a great day and a great weekend everyone!
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Ahhhhh 2 days of too much stuff to do. I got pretty mad last night because I came up here to post from 8 to 10 and all that I got done is answer the phone. As soon as I would hang up, someone else would call. Then I REALLY had to get into bed at 10 because a friend wanted to come over and put over the hill stuff all over the house. I had to make sure Hubby was in bed. I only went to work for 2 hours today, but took hubby to the mystic village...lots of tiny shops and such. He really had a good time. Now I just finished wrapping his presents and he is taking a nap. Tonight I am taking him to the Outback Steakhouse, but have to drive to Rhode Island to get there. Hopefully I have some time to get back on tonight!!!
Hubby is doing okay. We found out that what he has is virtually a crap shoot. His kidneys may kick in...may not. They can give him some steroids which have numerous side effects and the percentage that it helps is 50. Then he could take some cancer drugs but the Dr has seen 2 cases where it actually caused cancer years down the road. We will just have to wait this one out I guess. I just wish the swelling and the fatigue would stop for him.
I hope everyone is having a good Friday and looking forward to the weekend!!
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Hey everyone. I've got a busy weekend ahead. I have to work tomorrow. But I'm off today and taking care of stuff.

My cats are sitting here wanting love, so this message will be a short one. Geez, do they have me trained or what?

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Tonight, Friday, I'm working. I'm a receptionist at a dorm at Michigan State U. I always bring my laptop with me.

Currently, I'm pondering why my school is so stupid about basketball. Don't get me wrong, athletics have their place, but their place is NOT above academics..which is exactly where this school places them. Especially basketball.. I get tired of hearing basketball this, basketball that. We are REQUIRED to have the basketball game on on the hallway TV tonight. Stupid, IMHO. Any thoughts on this?

The majority of the rest of the weekend will probably be spent with Roger and Quinn...I may have my friend Michelle over.
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Here is the link to one of the news stations. Would someone mind, please, printing a copy of this for me. I can't seem to download the video either, so if anyone can, let me know how the story looks.

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Hope everyone had a good friday today.....we got more stinking snow last night. I am sick of snow. But I plan on having a nice relaxing weekend!!
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The video is impressive. The station gave prety good coverage but, did not tell much about the "accused". They did show him and Max'owner's interview was good.

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Meow Man:

The video was good. I am impressed that it got that much tv coverage at all. Hope this guy gets what he deserves. I especially like the quote about people who would abuse animals being genuinely disturbed. That is definitely the truth. Psychologists will tell you to watch for that in kids, as it is often an early sign of worse disturbed behavior to come.
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