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What to do?

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My male cat is not hairy what so ever.. but my female is very long haired. so when she's down or wants attention; he usually licks her.. and eventually get's hair balls. The thing is he hates hair ball remedy.. He runs when he see's the tube.. Im suppaosed to put a bit of the gel on his paws so he can lick it off... He hates it so much he starts to shake his hand away. sometimes when i take it out of my kitty drawer, he runs.. because he saw the top of the tube. It's called HARTZ Health Measures hairball Remedy Salmon Flavor
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Maybe you could try keeping it somehwere different, so he isn't as aware right away as to what it is you're getting out. Also, maybe you could put it in a toothpaste tube box, so it doesn't look like you're getting that. You might try doing it when he's really sleepy. If he still won't calm down, maybe he just doesn't like the flavor and finds it irritating- how about getting a different kind?

Well that's my 2 cents, not sure if it will work but good luck!
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I don't know if it's still available, but I used to buy a product called "Femalt" and my cat loved it. Maybe your kitty just doesn't like the taste of that particular brand and you could perhaps try another.
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maybe that'll work.. it's just i can't seem to trick him. He out smarts me. He watches up from the bunk bed.. or from under the bed.. so i can't seem to do anything without him watching.
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You can feed treats for hairball prevention that contain enzymes (such as bromelain) which helps to break up hairballs. I feed my kitten one from Medi-Cal (I think it's only a Canadian company) but I'm sure there are plenty of good ones out there that use enzymes.
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