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Thursday's DT

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Nothing interesting happening here at the moment. l have some work to do today along with my math homework. The sun is starting to shine, so hopefully it will be a happy day! Its almost Friday! Yeah! Have a good day everyone!
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Cool and rainy here, plus they are mowing around the building which is distracting.

Think I finally got a decent resume together tho' the "objective" statement is still kind of weak. I guess I feel like I can't really write "I want to earn enough money to live well with my daughter but I suck at sales" which is what I really think.

Sparky is very snuggly today. I pick up daughter at noontime to take her to her other program. Fun for me, too, I get to spend some time with another mom and maybe run a few errands.

Just the usual for me too!
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Things are ok here - kind of grey and cold outside. This afternoon I won't be on the site much after 2:30 as I will have a new trainee sitting wih me - have to set a good example ya know! I have the sleep clinic tonight - should be interesting. Just in case I don't sleep well I took tomorrow off. I will be spending quality time with the furbabies tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good day!
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Today is Spawn's vet appointment ~ just a yearly check up and shots. I know she hates going, but there are just some things you have to do, you know?

It's sunny, but a little chilly so far today. I'm sure it'll warm up the later it gets. We've had such beautiful weather lately! (At least on THIS side of the mountain, we have!)

I have to go to work after Spawn is done at the vet's, but it seems like the weeks are going by SO FAST lately. I can't believe it's already THURSDAY! Time is flying... is that a sign I'm getting old??
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It's almost Friday!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not much here. Its going to be in the 70s today. The sun is out and not a cloud in the sky! The weather man said thath the UV(ultraviolet rays) are going to be high so getting a sunburn could be possible. I am trying to finish up school. I found out that I graduate in May, although, I will still be working in school. Today I go to work. I have to convince my boss to give me more hours, even if I have to work in the cash register. I told him I will, but he has to be patient with me so that I stop fearing it. I work tomorrow, too. Well, have a great day, everyone and keep smiling!
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Bright, sunny and warm on this side of the mountains, too!

We went to Dave & Busters last night, which was fun. I don't know if it was really $50 worth of fun (dinner and games), but it was fun. Talk about feeling old though - I remember when it was 25 cents to play a video game, maybe 50 cents for the really cool ones! Now, you spend $20 on a card for 100 credits, and most of the games cost between 5 and 6 credits. OK, sure they blow away Pac-Man, but $1.25 for 3 minutes of game?? Seems outrageous to me, but hubby was happy.

We have tickets to a Denver Nuggets game tonight - yes the laughing stock team of the NBA. Don't really care about the Nuggets, but Sterling Marlin (NASCAR driver) has a signing and stuff before the game. Should be fun.

We have another casualty of the stomach flu here at work. I'm still holding out hope that my vitamins will be enough to ward it off!

Hope everyone has a great day! It is almost Friday after all!!
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Hey Valanb, I still can't believe they beat the Utah Jazz. I am still stinging even after Jazz beat the Clippers last night. Actually, the worst team is the Wizards.
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Nena - We can't believe it when the Nuggets win almost any game! LOL They have been so bad for so long, it's pretty sad. The Nuggets get a pretty bad rap around here because they have had like 1 winning season in recent memory, and with the Avs and Broncos having championships they look pretty sorry. They actually advertise "Come and see your favorite NBA teams play the Nuggets!" Pretty sad...
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Oh man, what a day!!!! What a week! It's been a long time since I've had such a busy week at work and on top of that hubby and I are trying to start the process of buying a house. Being new home buyers, we don't know anything about the whole process and everyday it seems to get a little more overwhelming.

That's enough complaining from me now :tounge2:

Hope everyone has a lovely evening, I'm getting off work in about 20 minutes Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Hopefully I'll be able to be on TCS more tomorrow that I have these past couple of days!
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Hey, I just became a Super Cat! Wow!!!!
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Congratulations on Super Cat Sabra!! :clown:
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Why Thank You! I think I'm going to get a little crazy......

:laughing: :rednose: :blubturq: :baloon:
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Yea!! One more day till the weekend!! I have to bring my pup to work with me tomarrow. Boy is he going to be pissed when we get there.

Work was very slow today and now I'm starving, waiting for Brian to return from the paintball shop so I can serve dinner.

Geez, weekdays are always so dull for me.
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Finally, home from work. Between day shifts and days off, I get to be home for dinner, 8 nights in a row!!! Tonight - out for Mexican!!
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Well, my day started off to a bad start! I missed my bus, so I was 40 minutes late for work. Thank god the boss wasn't there waiting for me when I finally showed up! I had 15 minutes to count the cash register's floats, clear off all the machines, and mop the floor!! It goes without saying that the floor didn't get it's bath today! But the rest of my day went sooo fast. I'm just relaxing now, having a cola, and listening to some tunes!! Good night everyone!!
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Isn't it supposed to be Spring? :flower: I'm in NC, 8 miles from the beach, freezing my butt off! It was cold, dismal, and cloudy all day. More of the same tomorrow! YUCK! I had to work in a shed outside today, and most of tomorrow. FUN! FUN!
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