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Mad props to Miss Eva!

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She designed this beeeeeeautiful updated siggy with my babies past and present! What does everyone think?

Thank you so much, Eva! I it!
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Oh it's beautiful! I love the coloring! Soooo sweet!
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awww thank you

I am so glad you like your siggy, and I hope you love your one of just Lola too!

She is a beautiful girl, and it was an honor to be part of making something in memory of her!

You have made me smile...thank you Just what I needed!

Remember if you need me for anything just give me a shout
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Yes, what a beautifully well done siggy! I noticed you had a new one, and was wondering who made it for you. Great job,,, EVA!!!
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Another great job Eva!!!!
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That is a gorgeous siggy!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
That is a gorgeous siggy!
i love how Lola looks like a spirit cat! beautiful job!
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Thats beautiful, I just LOVE it!!
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I noticed it in another thread. It's beautiful!!!
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I really like that. Eva, what setting did you use for transparency? I'm still learning the ins and outs of Paint Shop Pro X, and have no idea how to use "transparency". I imagine Photoshop is similar.
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I love the rainbow over Lola! How appropriate to signify her passing over the rainbow bridge.You have darling kitties.What a very beautiful siggy!
Great job Eva (Rose)
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Excellent work, Eva!
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Its great! Well done Eva.
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Thank you everyone

Jcat...I work with Photoshop....its the best program by far and I barely use photo shop pro as its no where near as good and can't do half the stuff photoshop can.

Sorry I can't help, if you use photoshop though I can
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I was just noticing it, Allie! I was wondering who did it, it's beautiful, Eva!
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Thank you so much everyone and Allie I am glad you love it so much it really brings a huge smile to my face!

I do hope its OK but I wanted to show everyone else the one I did of just Lola too....Lola was a very special little girl and I asked Allie if she'd like one of just her and she did so here it is:

My thoughts are with you Allie...on your sad loss and I am sending lots of love up to Lola

Enjoy your signatures Allie, i really enjoyed working with your beautiful cats and you also

Eva x
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The one of Lola alone is very sweet.
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