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my cat doesn't like me!

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my kitten is 5 months old and for the past 2 months she seems to prefer to be with my flatmates than me!!she always sleeps on their bed, when i have to shut my bedroom door to make her stay in there... they give her alot of attention but then so do i,like i play with her as soon as i get home and i feed her etc.. but she just seems to like them better! also when she sees me she acts all scared and runs away from me, and she gets nervous when i pat her, but she likes it when my flatmates pat her. the only thing i can think of that she would be scared of me is because she has ear mites and i have to give her the medication, but still , she totally ignores me, and loves my flatmates! i am getting to the point of frustration and disapointment! will she grow out of this? or will i have to kick my flatmates out before she will start to like me? also what can i do to improve our relationship? i feel i am doing all i know how (eg. playing with her as least 15 mins a day, talking to her, TRYing to pet her, feeding her, and giving her treats!)
please help!!!
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It sounds like your on the right path. I think that you just need a little patience...don't rush it, it will happen in time. Continue to play, and reward and I'm sure that she will come around soon.
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I think you are probably right that she prefers your flatmates because you have to give her the medicine. They just don't understand that you are only doing what is best for them. She will probably start warming up to you more after the treatment is over.

It took my little girl quite a while to warm up to me, too. She decided that my husband was her person and she pretty much reluctantly put up with me. (We do have two cats, and the other one is a total mommy's boy. That may have something to do with it, or at least how long it took.) Every once in a while she would need a lap from me, and always liked getting treats from me. We always had our moments with playing and treats and such, but not the loving cuddly relationship that she had with Daddy. Recently, we found a game that she just adores, and I am the only one that can do it to her satisfaction. Since then she has been sleeping on me every night, has been more loving and actually seems to like me!

Be patient with her! She will come around.
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Maybe you could also try having one of your flatmates pet the cat and talk to her soothingly before, during and after you treat her for ear mites. This may help the cat understand that you are not trying to do anything harmful to her.

I once had to give a cat eye drops and when I did these things it did seem to help the cat stay calm during treatment.
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Would it be possible for someone else to treat her ears? My cats had them and they absolutely hated to have drops put in their ears. As soon as they saw me unscrew the cap, they tried to get away--and I am their favorite person!
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Cats don't understand that we're only trying to help them. If I go to the kitchen cabinet, she zooms in, thinking it's "can O' catfood" day. But if I slide open the closet door, where inside her carrier case resides, she dashes for the bed and stays there until she realizes we're not going to the vet. Hmmm...not sure what my point was.

She hated it when I used to give her eyedrops for her infection, but since I'm the only one in the joint, it was me or nothing. Where there are other people (flatmats...maybe breast implants would help their situation ) who are having all the fun with your cat and not doing the "bad" stuff, you might want to ask one of them to do the honors of giving the ear drops. Maybe then kitty will run to you!
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well so far i've asked my flatmate not to let charli on her bed, which is hard to ask for since she WANTS charli on her bed! and shes offered to give her ear drops, but whats weird now that shes doing it, charli doesn't seems to mind it when she does it! like usually when i do it she run straight under the table as soon as i finished, but with her she doesn't run away after, she sticks around!! weird..
i've been told i should feed her BOTH meals, i usually feed her in the morning before work, and my flatmate will send up feeding her later. but whta i'm worried about is when i move out, if she thinks of her as her carer i'm scared she will want to run away back to her! can this happen?? i've heard of stories of cat who trek like 10 000 miles to get to their owners!! HELP!!!
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To be honest, one of the things I have learned in the last 5 years is that, you can never choose a cat, a cat chooses you.
I would just do as you are. Spend time with her, feed her and let her do as she pleases. Don't force her to do anything she doesn't want to. It will end up making her afraid of you. At 5 months old, she is still learning and growing. She may decide soon that you are her favorite!
I don't think I would worry about moving with her. Especially if she is an indoor only cat. The move may stress her out a bit, but once things are settled, she will re adjust. Cat's don't like change much, but adjust to new things really well once they become routine. Just like cats who have lived with people for years, then all of a sudden taken to a shelter because they are moving or something. Once they are placed in a new home, they become part of a new family.
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Are you a smoker and your roommates aren't?

Do you drink (alcohol) a lot?

Do you wear a lot of perfume?

Do you wear a lot of makeup?

Do you just stink, in general?

What I'm getting at is, perhaps there is something about you that cat is smelling and not liking. Most cats don't like the smell of alcohol, which is found in fingernail polish, rubbing alocohol, perfume, etc.

Do you wear a lot of jewelry (maybe loose bracelets) that have smacked the cat in the head, causing him to be scared?
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