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Normal Introductory Behavior??

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Callie (resident cat) and Hannah (new cat) are sharing the same living space now. It's been an interestingly stressful situation for me as I've never done this before! Callie will act like she wants to play with Hannah, but when Hannah comes to join in the fun, Callie will hiss, growl, and bop her on the head with her paw. (She's got a mean left hook!) So far, there's been no injuries and they are giving each other a wide berth, but this just seems weird.

Also, today, Hannah was rolling around on the ground and "chirping". Callie was standing over her hissing and pawing. I almost thought I was going to have to break it up with the towel. I know it will take time, and it's only been 3 days, but I'm a nervous wreck!

Is all this normal behavior? How much longer will this hissing be going on??

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Yes thats normal. though personally I would give them a couple of weeks in seperate rooms so they can get used to the smells before I introduce them. Also I would make sure they are supervised at first. Yes there will be lots of hissing and growling and the occasional claw out. Eventually they will calm down. Just give them time its stressful for them too.

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Hannah was in a separate room from Callie for the first 4 weeks of her time with us. They are not left unsupervised.

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Thats good , Sorry by your post it sounded like theyd only been 3 days. As i said there will be hissing but it will settle down. It took weeks for Molly to stop hissing at Huggy (she still does at times!)
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Totally normal. I just had to introduce a new kitty not too long ago, and I came here for all the advice.

I invested in some helpful things, (excuses to go shopping), but they helped ALOT! I had them separated for 3 weeks, with minimal times for them to see each other through the crack of the door, a blanket Under the door for them to both lay on, the food placed next to the door on both sides...

anyhow, the day of the introductory, I put "soft paws" on my resident kitty. To minimize the clawing and the injuries that may have occurred because of the claws...Also, I got Comfort Zone, which I belive in fully. Comfort zone is a plug in diffuser that spreads the "friendly" cat pheremone throughout whatever room it is plugged into. It works wonders. http://www.catfaeries.com/feliway.html

There is also a spray.

But yes, thier behavoir is normal. I was also going crazy, but with some patience and a watchful eye, everything is ok.
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I agree, the behaviors evidenced sound totally normal. It took Pete Pete (resident female cat) & The Colonel (new female cat) SIX MONTHS to be in the same room together without hissing or swatting. We used Feliway as well, which we also found to be a big help. We also use a Bach Flower Essence combination called "Peacemaker" (available at www.spiritessence.com) on all resident & new kitties when introduction time rolls around.

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Thanks for the reassurance. I've just never seen Callie like this before. When she wandered onto my patio 7 years ago, she already had a little friend and all this stuff was worked out.

I don't have to worry about Callie clawing Hannah since Callie's declawed in the front (she came to me that way). However, if there's retaliation, Hannah might claw Callie since Hannah has claws!

We already have 2 Feliway diffusers. I have 1 more on order and it should be here tomorrow. I think that's helped reduce the stress on Callie.

Hannah goes to be spayed tomorrow, so we'll have new challenges when she gets home.

Again, thanks so much for your help!

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Originally Posted by xDx
It took weeks for Molly to stop hissing at Huggy (she still does at times!)
Yep. Captain and Kanoe now snuggle quite regularly. Hang in there!
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oh good golly! Your intro's are coming along ALOT faster than mine did!! Count your stars!! I just this past week have had complete success with my new cat I got October 22!!! I had one cat who was refusing to accept the addition and would corner her whenever I let her out of the "safe place". But now, FINALLY!, all our getting along and I am able to leave them alone together.
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Well, we've had a minor setback. Had to take Hannah (new cat) to be spayed and she came back smelling like the hospital, so we're hissing and swatting again! However, it's not taking Callie as long to come around to her as it did previously. I even caught them playing in the same room earlier tonight!!

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