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I had to shoot a kitty

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I really hope this doesn't make anyone sick, but I feel I have to share this. I made a previous post on this, but I included some graphic details that I should not have & the thread was deleted(thanks for deleting it). When I posted the previous thread, I was still quite distressed over what I had to do last night. I hope that I ommitted everything that shouldn't be here.

I was babysitting my cousin who is 5 1/2 months old last night so his mom & dad could go to the movies. My little sister called me frantic at about 10pm. She was home alone & there was someone/something screaming outside the door. She was scared to go check as we live in the country & there isn't anyone around if it is someone dangerous. I rushed home to find a severly injured kitty. I called both vets near me & neither of them were home. I called the next nearest vet who is 15-20 minutes away & the raods were icy, so possibly longer. I explained to him the extent of the kitties injuries. He told me I had to do something difficult. He asked me how good of a shot I was. I was confused for a mintue when I realized he meant a gun. Judging from the description of the cat, he feared that he/she wouldn't make the trip to see him to be put down. He was afraid the cat was in quite a bit of pain. I did the only thing that I could do to help the kitty. I ended his or her misery. From what I could tell, he/she had white fur, just like Twitch.

Now, this is me. I couldn't look at the stitches in Twitch's tummy after she got spayed without feeling woozy. I violently protest when my dad goes hunting or fishing. He never brings anything he kills home, not even a fish if he catches one going fishing(he now sets them free).

I know that I am forever going to second guess the decison I made, but it seemed to be the only option. Thank you for listening, but after one day, I still feel terrible about this.
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(((((((Natalie))))))) At least you ended the poor kitty's pain quickly.
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I´m so sorry Natalie.....I´m speechless.... but one thing I can to say you, I´m here to listen to you....
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Sometimes our best decisions are also our most difficult ones. I think this was one of those times.
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Natalie, I can't imagine the pain it must have caused you to do this. I'm so sorry....
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It will be some time before you come to peace with what you did, and be able to come to grips with it as well. It is a difficult action to perform, to end a life of something so precious, but sometimes, it is the only way.

For what it is worth, I have had to do this, it took months for me to get over it, and I do not think I am over it at all.
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Oh Natalie you are a very STRONG person to be able to do that. Please don't ever doubt that what you did was what had to be done, and that it was the right thing. It probably welcomed it, in a way. That kitty needed to be out of that pain, and quickly. You helped the cat, and saved it from even worse. I'm sure that if that poor kitty could, it would thank you and give you a BIG hug, and maybe that will be your welcoming someday when you see it at Rainbow Bridge.

~Rest In Peace, dear sweet cat. Somebody cared enough to help you out & let you out of the misery you were trapped in. ~
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Natalie, what you did was extreemly brave and unselfish. I applaud you for that! I can immagine it was still an awful experience. Rest in peace little kitty, now you feel no pain!
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dont second guess yourself..there was no cruelty in your heart. You did what you did out of compassion. It was quick and merciful, and now that little baby is at peace.
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I'm sure that little on is up in heaven thanking you for doing the right thing, and the kitten was lucky to be found by someone who understood how much pain she was in. My thoughts will be with you as you deal with this.

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Thank you Natalie for having the courage to do what you did. It was the best thing, clearly, and this kitty was screaming in pain as you said. We know that cats have an incredibly high pain tolerance so it must have been in unbearable agony to have been showing it like that. You did the only thing you could humanely have done, and I hope in time that you will be able to forgive yourself and understand that you absolutely did the right thing, and the best thing for this poor baby.
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Natalie I'm so sorry to read about this decision you had to make. I know how very hard it must of been for you. Know in your heart what you did was a act of love and kindness. Hugs for you
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First of all....I'm really sorry you had to do that! Second - it's normal to feel horrible about what you had to do to put the kitty out of it's quite obvious misery!!! You did the right thing by stopping it's pain...you'll realize later on that what you did was actually help him/her.
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I am so sorry that you went through this. How terribly upsetting. It is going to take a long time for you to heal. You ended the pain for the poor cat, please console yourself with that as much as you can.
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Oh Natalie I'm so sorry that you had to go through such a terrible ordeal. You are such a brave person to do what you did..and now the kitty is out of his/her pain.
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Oh Natalie...I`m so sorry that it had to be you.
This past summer we woke up to find a neighbor`s cat (who is also the mother of our Toby) on our front porch. She could hardly move and was covered with huge tumors and in obvious pain.
Previously she had come down here on occasion to get extra food , esp when she was PG...but I had`nt seen her in several months.
Luckily I found her before my Hubby left for work...or it would have been me in your place!
There was no calling a vet...she was in too much pain to wait another minute, as was this kitty that you had to put to sleep. So my Hubby took care of her.
I felt sick....and my mind would wander... and wonder just how long it took her to get to us, where she knew she would find help...and how many hours she may have laid out on our porch in the night before morning , waiting to be found.......and I was SOOOO ANGRY to think that the neighbors had let her get in such terrible condition in the first place! (They don`t "do vets" cause of the $ !)
I`m not going to pretend to know just how you feel....cause I did`nt have to be "the one" with my Hubby still being home...but if I had not found her till after he left it would have been me...and trust me...I`d have done exactly the same thing as you did. You absolutely did the right thing! Just think of how much more pain this little one would have had to endure if you had`nt....(or would have made this little one "wait" till a vet could do it)
Thank you for having the courage to do the only thing that could be done for this kitty.
Feel free to PM me if you need to "talk" . Bless your sweet and kind heart !
It will be awhile before you can move through this grief, I`m sure.
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Thank you for your courage, you are soo brave! I know it was very difficult for you to do but thank god you did it, poor kitty can rest in peace now. I hope you can find comfort in his peace.
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so sorry to hear that, what an awful position to be in. You really did do the best thing for the poor kitty. Big hugs to you
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I'm so sorry you went through that. Know that you did the best thing possible for the poor dear. That poor kitty is now over the bridge & out of pain. What you did was a brave thing!!!!!
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Thank you for having the courage and compassion to do what you did.
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I know doing this had to hurt terribly. So sad the kitty had to be hurting so badly. Bless you for having the strength to do what you had to do.
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Natalie, what you did took so much courage and COMPASSION. Bless you for truly saving that poor cat . You have another guardian angel right now, that's for sure .
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wow - you are stronger than i am...i would've never been able to do that! you did the right thing, of course - & it will get easier with time, i'm sure...
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You did the best thing for the kitty, and it takes a brave person to do that sometimes.
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Originally Posted by eilcon
Thank you for having the courage and compassion to do what you did.
thankyou Natalie... be easy with yourself and know that although this was difficult it was the most unselfish act you could of ever done

RIP little one - no longer in pain
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Thank you all. I decided I had to name the kitty. I don't even know if it was a he or a she. I chose to name him/her Superman because he is flying free right now...
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this must have been so awful for you, I dont know if I would have been brave enough but you dont know what you are capable of until you are faced with it, and you did the right thing without a doubt.
If the poor thing was screaming so bad your sister didn't know what it was then its in a far better place for sure. I think fate landed him on your door step because you could make it better for the poor little thing.
God bless you you are so brave.
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Oh my gosh. I can't even begin to imagine doing that. I was terrified of the thought of even having to make the decision to have my beloved Jasmine (or any of my babies for that matter) put to sleep, let alone actually doing it.
Jasmine actually took the decision out of my hands -- I've posted more separately about her passing.

In this case however, you should be commended for doing the right thing for that poor kitty....no matter how hard it was.
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You did the thing that helped the kitty who was in pain. I am so sorry you had to do it, but the cat would have suffered a lot more if you had not done what you did. I am praying for you. Are you ok?
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im sorry that you had to do that but just think that you ended the misery of that poor kitten.
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