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considerate kitty

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Leo will occasionally have a sick tummy from eating too fast and will throw up. He's such a good boy, he does it in the litter box. I would have thought it was just luck, but he has done it several times. Has anyone ever heard of this?
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I've never heard of it, but count your blessings!

I guess it kind of makes sense, if you think about evolution, that a cat would want to bury any sign that it wasn't in good health. And the best for that is his litter box.
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Every cat that I've ever had, threw up only on the carpet or, my bed. I got Opie a placemat, for his bowl but he drops food all around it.
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Sounds better then my cats - one throws up often just after she eats - another eats what she throws up! ewwwwwwwwww!
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I've never heard of a cat throwing up in their litter box. I guess that you are just lucky to have such a good cat.
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I've heard of it, but not very often. Count yourself very lucky! Trent oops where ever he is standing or sitting at the time. The worst one (sorry if this grosses anyone out!) was when he was up on the cat tree and it slid all the way down the sliding glass door! *GAG* That was nasty!
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My cat Toonces has done it once and only once! I'm thinking it was a freak accident and she must have been going potty when it happened!
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This is really bad...
There have been a few times when I've been sitting at the table eating. And Snowball has been under the table, and he will start throwing up right where he is. YUCK!!!
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Spawn very RARELY throws up, but the one time she was extremely ill a year or so ago (we still don't know if she was poisoned or what) she made a point of throwing up in the bathroom, on the linoleum, by the toilet. I thought that was very kind of her! I mean, at least she made an effort!

Of course, the litter box would have been even better, but I'm just happy it wasn't on me or my clothes!
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Merlin also throws up when he eats too fast, and he always makes sure that it is right on the carpet, even if it is only inches from the linoleum. *sigh*
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