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My Cat is a Heat Freak...Is That Weird?

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I've only had 2 cats, so hopefully this isn't a stupid question. My newest cat (well, I've had him 6 mos., he's about 2 years old) is ADDICTED to heat. He lays in front of the space heater...curls up on the edge of the tub when I'm taking a hot bath...gets under the covers with me...lays on top of my hot water bottle...my OTHER cat could care less. Is this "normal" cat behavior? Do you think he might have arthritis or something (that the heat would be soothing to him)? Or is he just like me...likes to be warm?
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My abby is a heat freak. He sleeps in the kitchen window in full sun in 95 degree weather. In the winter there are heat vents in front of it, and he's up there again.

He also cuddles into the dog at night.
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Cats do like heat. Some more than others. Our cat will jump on our chairs the second we get up to get the heat from us sitting there. They have kitty pad things that helps contain thier heat better at pet stores. It's like a white fluffy pad that doesnt feel good to the touch, but kitties LOVE it.

They like to just contain thier heat. They are fine without it, but really like it when it is available.
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I have always owned Siamese cats and they are major heat freak. They all have to sleep on me or under the covers.We have a wood stove and all 4 are right now stretched out in front of it sleeping.Their window cat beds are right under the furnace ducts and when the furnace is on thats where they are hogging up the heat.
I have an electric blanket on my bed I leave it on during the day for them often.
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Domestic cats are descended from a type of wild cat that inhabited North Africa, so it's quite natural for them to prefer warmth, and to seek it out. Cats will lay in the sun in a window on a 90 degree summer day.
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Buffy likes heat (Willow's "cold blooded"; she prefers cooler weather and tends to get really really sluggish in hot weather), but Buffy gets her heat mostly from patches of sun or from lying with Willow. Recently she took a nap on a heat vent and got quite a surprise when it turned on. She then got addicted and would flop around onto the vent (in the bathroom) whenever someone stuck her in there. She hasn't done it recently, but nobody's stuck her in there recently either, so... lol
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