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Just a thought really.

Can I feed my kitten pork? (he is 18 weeks)When I do a roast I give him a little beef or lamb. But what about pork? I have never seen pork cat food! Also can I give him a lamb or beef bone to chew on?

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You know I've never heard of anything really bad about pork and cats eating it as long as it's cooked. Although it may cause stomach upsets and many table scraps are too fatty for the digestive system of most cats. A little piece here and there shouldn't hurt him.

I don't think the bone(as long as it's not a chicken or turkey bone) would be a problem as long as it's big enough where he can't swallow any part of it and he won't be able to naw pieces off of it. If you do give him a bone just keep a close eye on him.
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