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Our Ginger is fascinated with Showering!

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She started getting up on the shelf and watching either of us getting a shower ! She hears the water running and comes running, climbs up and lies there observing her "parents' getting clean . She also stays there and watches me shave.

Anyone else's kitty fascinated with watching their 'parents' ?

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My cats perch on top of the toilet when I'm in the shower. One of them will actually walk back and forth on the rim of the bathtub and peek his head around the shower curtain. Sometimes he'll reach a paw around and bat at my knee or lick my arm when I'm reaching for the shampoo.
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Yes, my kitten does that. He sits on the toilet and watches. My older (more smarter cat) does not. He's fell in while I was taking a bath once, and he hasnt really been very fond of the bathtub scince then. heh.

But the kitten is fearless, like all kittens, and he also goes on the rim walking back and forth.
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Trjegul likes to sit between the two shower curtains while I shower and let his tail hang over the edge of the shower and into the water. He will also peak around the curtain at the back of the shower to see what I'm doing. One day he walked around the back of the shower curtain, into the shower and practically under my feet and then back out of the shower. He is almost 8 months old.
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Otis loves to try to jump in the shower. He actually tries to bat the water that come downin a trickle. I think it is cute, but we do keep the bathroom closed when we arent in there.
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Phenom stays in the bathroom with me but doesnt stare while i am bathing. she stares more while i am blow drying my hair.
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My Cheeto likes to actually jump in the tub, on the other side of the shower curtain so only her feet and bottom get wet. I think maybe she likes the heat from it?
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Originally Posted by Kitty89
My Cheeto likes to actually jump in the tub, on the other side of the shower curtain so only her feet and bottom get wet. I think maybe she likes the heat from it?
Mine do this too They also play on the edge of the tub knocking each other into the water and onto the floor.
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My last cat before Melody was like that he loved to watch us in the shower, also as soon as i walked out he'd look to see when all the water had gone down the drain and then jumped in to sit on the drain. i thought it was sooo cute a little weird but funny too.

Melody however looks in sometimes but mostly 'guard's' ether the bathroom or the shower, it's so funny she sits there stearing at the door or out side the door looking in all directions. lol : )
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My Galway isn't so much a watcher but she loves to watch the water coming out of the faucet and she comes back in when I get out and just stares. It almost looks like she can't figure out why on earth I need to be in there.
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Dushka and Wellington particularly love water - the others will watch but those two try to get in! Both of them have fallen in the bath several times by sitting on the rim and pawing at the water. They both prefer drinking from taps and faucets too.

Here is Wellington giving himself a shower while I was running a bath!

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I have one thats favorite sport is to get in the bathtub(not with water in it) and he trills at the water drops and chases them for hours. He likes cheap entertainment!
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how do you add a picture? Please help!
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There are instructions on the TCS support thread. Basically you have to have a page on a website like Photobucket on which you post your pictures, then put the url wherever you want to place the photo. Once you are used to it it only takes a minute.
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Harley usually sits on the ledge by the shower curtain, and sometimes he'll stand at the back of the shower where its a little bit wet and try and drink up the water....crazy kitty!
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My Allie used to shower with me all the time--she'd stand in the tub floor and straddle the drain and watch the water fall--but lately she just likes to wait till I get out, lick the faucet, writhe around my legs and feet (so they end up covered in black fur), and stare intently as I brush my teeth. It's like she's thinking, "what is all this funny stuff my humans do?"
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